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Campbellsville University receives other high rankings from U.S. News

Oct. 12, 2012

For Immediate Release


By April Hill, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University, recently ranked as one of the top regional universities in the South, according to the U.S. News & World Report, has received notable rankings in several sub-categories as well. These categories include campus ethnic diversity, economic diversity, most international students and least amount of debt-class of 2011.

“In addition to being named 74th among the south’s regional universities which is in itself confirmation of CU’s strong and positive reputation, there were several sub-categories in which we ranked very well – among the very top in the South,” John Chowning, vice president for church and external relations/executive assistant to the president, said.

These rankings indicate that Campbellsville University’s campus consists of a widely diverse culture where students from all walks of life are able to attend.

“They illustrate Campbellsville University’s growing diversity, commitment to affordability, serving a large percentage of first-generation college attending students, global community of learners, commitment to our historical service area in south-central Kentucky, student retention and persistence and overall performance,” Chowning said.

Chris Sanders, assistant dean for the Center for International Education at CU, said, “We are fortunate to have such a diverse population of students at Campbellsville University. More specifically, the international student population represents approximately 25 percent of residential students on the main campus.”

Sanders said the international student population within itself is also diverse. “The population represents five continents, over 40 countries and over 20 languages,” Sanders said.

“A university that displays a strong global presence and ethnic diversity on campus helps enrich the college experience and creates an opportunity for many students to learn new cultures,” he said.

“Campbellsville University is truly blessed to have an opportunity to serve such a diverse community of students, right in the heart of Kentucky, to provide them opportunities to succeed in their chosen fields of study,” Sanders said.

President of Campbellsville University, Dr. Michael V. Carter, said he too is very pleased with the recently announced rankings by the U.S. News ratings. “Collectively, these areas of high rating indicate that CU is making further strides in helping provide accessible and affordable higher education opportunities available to an increasingly diverse student population – even in challenging economic times,” Carter said.

Carter said CU works hard at making it possible for students from all economic backgrounds able to attend Campbellsville.

“Affordability, diversity, and quality of academics are among those indices which denote success, in these challenging days, and CU is working hard, and gaining recognition, for our progress in these domains,” Carter said.

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with more than 3,600 students offering 63 undergraduate options, 17 master’s degrees, five postgraduate areas and eight pre-professional programs. The website for complete information is campbellsville.edu.