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Campbellsville University welcomes six new endowed scholarships

By Gerard Flanagan, news writer and photographer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Dr. Joseph Hopkins, who has been on the job as Campbellsville University’s 12th president for over a year and a half, stood before those who have given endowed scholarships to Campbellsville University and confessed he felt challenged.

But why?

“I feel challenged because I’m standing here in front of folks who have been so generous. You’ve poured out your hearts to our students through your benevolence and the thought of creating a lasting legacy,” Hopkins said at the annual Endowed Scholarship Dinner on Aug. 31 in the BASC Banquet Hall.

Dr. Benji Kelly, vice president for development, announced the establishment of six new endowed scholarships. The six new scholarships have helped Campbellsville University increase its total endowment to $36.4 million as of June 30 – an increase from last year’s total of $35 million.

“It’s all about our students,” Kelly said. “What you’re doing here at Campbellsville University in terms of your financial support, investing in the endowment and the long-term financial help the university gives. All of these dollars are going to support our students.”

Dr. Lisa Allen, center, dean of the School of Education, and her husband, Jack Allen, are recognized for their creation of the Bridge to Teaching Endowed Scholarship by Dr. Joseph Hopkins, Campbellsville University’s president. (Campbellsville University Photo by Alexandria D. Dalton)

New endowed scholarships include the following: Bonnie Ford Endowed, Anne and Mike Hyde Endowed, Bridge to Teaching Endowed, The Patricia H. Cowherd Scholarship for Academic Excellence Endowed, Center for Faith and Ministry Endowed and the George and Wilma Gaddie Endowed.

These endowed scholarships, Hopkins noted, benefit students for a long time.

“Hundreds of years from now, that gift will still be giving,” he said, “and we are just so grateful for the generation of students you’re supporting now, the generation of students you’ll support in years to come, and for the strength and future you give to this university.”

Hopkins told the crowd at the endowment dinner that Campbellsville University has many wonderful stories – stories only made possible by generous giving and strong support.

“We really cannot sustain the university without the generosity of the people who are in this room and those who stand behind our students each and every day with their gifts and their investment in this dream,” Hopkins said.

He reminded the creators of these endowed scholarships that they have made a “transformational difference,” even when it was difficult to give.

“I’m grateful on behalf of all these students and thankful to God I’m part of a community like this where we circle around these students and give them our best,” Hopkins said. “We thank God for the blessings He gives.”

Dr. Benji Kelly, far left, vice president for development, recognized Suzanne Hopkins, center, and her husband, Dr. Joseph Hopkins, president of Campbellsville University, for their establishment of the Center for Faith and Ministry Endowment at Campbellsville University. (Campbellsville University Photo by Alexandria D. Dalton)

Those at the dinner also heard from Juno Faas, a junior from Springfield, Ky., majoring in political science, about the importance of endowed scholarships.

“The only way to really describe Campbellsville University and the way it makes everyone feel who comes here is home and heart,” Faas remarked.

Faas’ first day with the Campbellsville University’s Marching Tiger Band displayed this feeling of home and heart.

“I had never felt more at home,” Faas said. “When I stepped onto Campbellsville University’s campus, I never felt more at home. All of those fears just washed away from me, and I made friends with countless people that day.”

Faas explained hopes for continuing to share that welcoming feeling at Campbellsville University.

“No matter who I met, what place I was in, everyone was welcoming and willing to help me find my way,” Faas said. “…I hope I can make everyone else feel at home the same way they made me feel at home.”

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university that offers over 100 programs including doctoral, master, bachelor, associate and certificate programs. The website for complete information is www.campbellsville.edu.

Juno Faas speaks about the importance of endowed scholarships at Campbellsville University during the Endowed Scholarship Dinner. (Campbellsville University Photo by Alexandria D. Dalton)