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Campbellsville University’s Dr. Casey shares effective tips for virtual meetings during Chamber of Commerce Zoom presentation

Campbellsville University’s Dr. Casey shares effective tips for virtual meetings during Chamber of Commerce Zoom presentation 1
Dr. Rickey Casey

By Scarlett Birge, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – “We have learned we can use technology in a way we never have before,” Dr. Rickey Casey, associate dean and professor and director of the Ph.D. Program in Management in Campbellsville University’s School of Business, Economics and Technology, said during the Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce Bites of Wisdom virtual presentation titled “Keeping Your Audience Engaged” March 4.

“We may be working from home forever,” he said, which makes having effective virtual presentations an absolute necessity.

Casey said planning ahead is an important step in having a successful presentation. He said utilizing the right equipment and being prepared with backups in case of malfunctions helps to ensure the security and quality of virtual meetings. Ensuring there is a reliable internet connection, quality lighting and sound systems and doing a test run before the virtual event are all key points of advice Casey said elevate presentations.

“You have to prepare. It takes some time,” he said. “Be sure and rehearse.”

Constructing information in a directed way to the specific audience of a presentation is a vital part of increasing engagement he said. Having consistency throughout a presentation is needed in order to keep the audience focused and engaged in the content being shared.

He said socialization during virtual presentations increases audience engagement. Taking moments to pause, use chat forums and other interactive features included in virtual outlets provides several opportunities for the audience to engage in presentations when speakers are mindful of allowing room for commentary, he said. However, he said having some ground rules involving conduct during meetings can be helpful to minimize distractions.

“Ask participants to mute their mics because you will have feedback,” he said.

Casey said having privacy and being mindful of the background in video conferences minimizes interruptions and helps retain focus on the presentation.

“Don’t forget about the background of what people see,” he said. “Find a quiet place.”

Using relevant visual aids, making gestures and being expressive throughout a presentation builds the strength and connection made over virtual platforms, he said.

“Keep people as involved and as connected as you can,” Casey said.

Casey was the first in a series of presentations by faculty members in the business school.

Dr. Karen Rush, professor of business, and Dr. Amanda Ewing, associate professor of business and economics, will discuss “Maintaining Top Notch Customer Service During the Pandemic” at a Bites of Wisdom session offered by the Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce, Zoom at noon March 16.

Their session will focus on how our public relations has been mandated by the pandemic to be modified to meet the safety needs of consumers and to ensure that they want to return.

They say offering a positive customer experience is key.

The Hon. Bruce Singleton, associate professor of business at Campbellsville University, who has practiced law for more than 43 years in Somerset, Ky., will speak on “The Future of Workplace Technology – Using Technology Without Breaking the Bank” at noon Wednesday, April 7 on Zoom. He will discuss whether you are ensuring that your company stands out in a tech-savvy world, what technology is helping people stay connected, what does your company need to ensure a new balance for your productivity, work culture, creativity and collaboration and other topics.

On April 15 at noon, Dr. Preston Jones, professor of business, will be sharing his tools and resources on maintaining a positive mental outlook at the Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce Zoom session.

He plans to share ways to avoid mental stress and burnout. Jones said “Keeping You Happy” is vital during this trying time and professionals need to keep their mental health a top priority.

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