Creason and Anderson speak on mission trips at Campbellsville University on Finding your Purpose

Trent Creason, campus minister at Campbellsville University, and Hillary Anderson, a missionary, speak to Campbells- ville University students on mission opportunities. (Campbellsville University Photo by Avary Randall)

By Simon Baker, student news writer, Office of University Communications 

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Missionary Hillary Anderson along with CU campus minister Trent Creason spoke about “finding one’s calling and serving Christ abroad” at Missions Moment recently.

Anderson spoke about her mission trip to Ghana, her experiences, and even struggles while abroad. She had been in West Africa for two years and just returned. She said to the audience in Ransdell Chapel, “The Lord is doing many wonderful things there.”

Discussing her struggles in Africa, Anderson said she experienced a bladder infection, but, despite this, she said God helped her through the battles.

Anderson said her primary mission was “to serve the Lord and to teach” others about Christ and the gospel. She highlighted “working with the local body” of churches to share the gospel.

Creason later make a challenge to students about acting on God’s calling. He said, “When you go on a short mission trip, it’s because of something God has been doing.”

Creason said Mission Week is about showing students the scope and reality of mission work. He said, “Sometimes it’s very difficult — sometimes more than you expected.”

Missions are “more than just doing things, but being who you are, in context of where God puts you,” Creason said. “The most important thing is that I want everyone to experience God.”

Creason said, “I can’t talk you into it. I can make it sound cool and tell you how hard it is, but the why and the who behind it [going on a mission trip] is going to make all the difference.”

Creason said, despite doing all kinds of fun stuff in the chapel like Tuesday Night Live, unbelievers feel out of place here because someone who doesn’t know God, is out of place.”                    Creason said, for this reason, “Christian’s purpose is to be ‘taking home’ to non-believers, despite where the location is and to share of Christ and His love.”

Creason said, “When we love God, there is no way we can’t love others.”

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