CU’s 22nd Annual Excellence in Teaching Awards Presented to 137 Teachers

By Ashley Zsedenyi and Joan C. McKinney

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University awarded Excellence in Teaching Awards to 137 educators from across Kentucky during the 22nd annual awards program Saturday, May 17, in the Winters Dining Hall of the E. Bruce Heilman Student Complex on the Campbellsville University campus.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards program is in partnership with Lexington’s CBS-affiliate, WKYT-TV.

Dr. Frank Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs at CU, addressed the teachers and guests from public and private school systems from 52 Kentucky school districts.

“Congratulations to all of you,” Cheatham said. He praised Dr. Michael V. Carter, president, under whom the university has moved forward “in tremendous ways with the quality of our faculty.”

Carter said he comes from a family of teachers, and “We at CU are committed to teaching, good teachers and effective learning.”

“We all want students to be successful,” he said.

Dr. Brenda Priddy, dean of the School of Education, addressed the teachers and told them that CU wants “excellence” in our students, their families and in all that is done in the teaching program. “Teachers shape the future,” she said.

Cheatham gave the invocation before the meal.

Norma Wheat, director and instructor of special education, read the names of the award winners, and Priddy and Cheatham congratulated the teachers.

The purpose of the Excellence in Teaching Awards Program is to recognize the quality of teaching taking place in the school systems throughout Kentucky. The program was begun in 1987 by Campbellsville University with assistance from Earl Aaron and the Ward, Cundiff and Aaron Memorial Fund at the university.

Through the awards program, Campbellsville University presents awards to teachers in each grade level (elementary [P-5], middle [6-8] and high school [9-12]) as selected by their school district. Since the program’s inception, 2,223 teachers have been honored by their colleagues.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recipients include the following, with their superintendent listed first:

Adair County School System: Darrell Treece, superintendent; Candice Taylor Flatt, John Adair Intermediate School; Margaret Taylor, Adair County Middle School; Judy Lynn Reliford, a 1980 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Adair County High School;

Augusta Independent School System: John Cordle, superintendent; Brenda Sue Flack, Augusta Elementary School; Gertrudis Siguenza-Berenguer, Augusta High School; Emily Wise Butler, Augusta High School;

Barren County School System: Dr. Jerry Ralston, superintendent; Kellie Bunnell Long, Eastern Elementary School; Sharon Lynette Wilson, Barren County Middle School; Stephanie R. Hensley, Barren County High School;

Bell County School System: George W. Thompson, superintendent; Bonnie Lewis Carnes, Right Fork Elementary School; Sherry Denise Bolton, Yellow Creek School Center; Karen Sue Saylor, Bell County High School;

Boone County School System: Dr. Bryan Blavatt, superintendent; Vicki Lynn Kotz, Ockerman Elementary School; Durell D. Hamm, Larry Ryle High School;

Bowling Green Independent School System: Joseph Tinius, superintendent; Beverly Ann Taulbee, Potter-Gray Elementary School; Angela Dawn Langford, Bowling Green Junior High School; Allen White, Bowling Green High School;

Boyd County School System: Howard K. Osborne, superintendent; Sheila J. Turner, Summit Elementary School; Connie S. Burns, Boyd County Middle School; Gary A. Coffman, Boyd County High School;

Boyle County School System: Steve Burkich, superintendent; Margaret H. Moore, Perryville Elementary School; Stephenie Nicole Word, Boyle County Middle School; Leigh Jay Koch, Boyle County High School;

Bullitt County School System: Keith Davis, superintendent; Lisa Michelle Wathen, Freedom Elementary School; Joshua Ray Meredith, Mt. Washington Middle School; Rebecca Louise Cheek, North Bullitt High School;

Burgin Independent School System: Richard W. Webb, superintendent; Nancy Clark Irvine, Burgin Elementary School; Jonie M. Douglas, Burgin High School;

Butler County School System: Larry Keith Woods, superintendent; Penny Lynn Wallace, Morgantown Elementary School; William Stanford Murphy, Butler County Middle School; Michael Gruber, Butler County High School;

Campbellsville Independent School System: Diane Woods-Ayers, superintendent; Angela G. Russell, a 1994 (B.A.) and 2000 (M.A.) graduate of Campbellsville University, Campbellsville Elementary School; Elisha Marie Rhodes, a 2004 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Campbellsville Middle School; Cheryl Lynn Dicken, a 1989 (B.S.) and 1994 (M.A.) graduate of Campbellsville University, Campbellsville High School;

Casey County School System: Linda W. Hatter, superintendent; Joshua Ray Blevins, Casey County Middle School;

Caverna Independent School System: Dr. Samuel E. Dick, superintendent; Mary Jane Stumph, Caverna Elementary School; Ellen P. Holley, Caverna Middle School; Stephanie Karl, a 2006 graduate (M.A.) of Campbellsville University, Caverna High School;

Danville Independent School System: Robert E. Rowland, superintendent; Cindy M. Turcea, Jennie Rogers Elementary School; Michelle G. Wolfe, Bate Middle School; Vaughn E. Little, Danville High School;

Daviess County School System: Tom D. Shelton, superintendent; Mitchell Jones, Utica Elementary School; Elizabeth Garmon Newcom, Burns Middle School; William Frederick Gutsche, Daviess County High School;

Elizabethtown Independent School System: Dr. John D. Millay, superintendent; Jill C. Valentine, Helmwood Heights Elementary School; Sheryl Lynn Hamilton, T.K. Stone Middle School;

Eminence Independent School System: Donald F. Aldridge, superintendent; Phyllis Ann Jamison, Eminence Elementary School; C. Steven Metcalfe, Eminence Middle School; Cara Renee Puckett, Eminence High School;

Estill County School System: Bert Hensley, superintendent; Amy W. Hall, Estill Springs Elementary School; Ricky Glynn Chaney, Estill County Middle School; Jacqueline Anita Kirby, Estill County High School;

Garrard County School System: Ray D. Woolsey, superintendent; Libby Ann Spurlin, Camp Dick Robinson Elementary School; Loretta Lee Anglin Welch, Garrard Middle School; Chris Vance, Garrard County High School;

Hart County School System: Ricky D. Line, superintendent; Shanna Teodorski Smith, Cub Run Elementary School; Roger Allen Poynter, LeGrande Elementary School; Jane Ann Tharp, Hart County High School;

Hopkins County School System: James Lee Stevens, superintendent; Kilee McKee Beshear, South Hopkins Middle School;

Jefferson County School System: Dr. Sheldon H. Berman, superintendent; Stephanie J. Boling, a 1998 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Caritas Peace Academy;

Kentucky Christian School: Ronald W. Curry, chair, Board of Trustees; Elizabeth D. Wigginton, a 2007 graduate (M.A.E.) of Campbellsville University, Kentucky Christian School;

Knox County School System: Walter T. Hulett, superintendent; Michael D. Ledford, Dewitt Elementary School; Rebecca Ellan Melton, Lynn Camp High School; Margaret A. McDaniel, Lynn Camp High School;

LaRue County School System: Samuel D. Sanders, superintendent; Brenda Rock Buchanan, Hodgenville Elementary School; Christopher David Estes, LaRue County Middle School; Roy Glen Walker, a 1980 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, LaRue County High School;

Laurel County School System: Denise M. Griebel, superintendent; Kim Y. Hooker, London Elementary School; Sarah J. Centers, South Laurel Middle School; Carrie Kirby, South Laurel High School;

Leslie County School System: Larry Sparks, superintendent; Connie Sue Adams, Leslie County Middle School; Angela Collett-Feltner, Leslie County High School;

Lincoln County School System: Dr. Teresa Wallace, superintendent; Julie Hale, McKinney Elementary School; Allison Elizabeth Gibson, Lloyd McGuffey Sixth Grade Center;

Madison County School System: Thomas Gregory Floyd, superintendent; Karla Kaye Browne, White Hall Elementary School; Patricia A. Weiner, Foley Middle School; William Gene Dooley, Madison Southern High School;

Marion County School System: Roger L. Marcum, superintendent; Jane Thomas Murray, a 1980 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Glasscock Elementary School; Teresa Kearney Barnett, a 1993 (B.S.) and 1996 (M.A.) graduate of Campbellsville University, Lebanon Middle School; Coury Denise Leathers, Marion County High School;

Marshall County School System: Ruth Etta Buchanan, superintendent; Chrystie Carson Chapman, Benton Elementary School; Amy Byars Waggoner, Benton Middle School; Lisa M. Devillez, Marshall County High School;

Mercer County School System: Michael M. Barnard, designee; Denise Lynn Edwards, Mercer County Elementary School; Ellen Baxter Ingram, King Middle School; Erin J. Milburn, Mercer County High School;

Metcalfe County School System: Patricia Hurt, superintendent; Lisa Danielle Hayes, North Metcalfe Elementary School; Rebecca LeAnne Bell, Metcalfe County Middle School; Laura N. Reed, Metcalfe County High School;

Middlesboro Independent School System: Darryl Wilder, superintendent; Raydean Huddleston, Middlesboro Primary School; Karen Kay Torez, Middlesboro Intermediate School; Anna L. McDaniels, Middlesboro Middle School; Craig Eric Callen, Middlesboro High School;

Monticello Independent School System: Donnie V. Robison, superintendent; Sara Beth Harris, Monticello Elementary School; Roger Dean Keith, Monticello Middle School; Lisa Carrender Perkins, Monticello High School;

Nelson County School System: Dr. Janice O. Lantz, superintendent; Cindy H. Ferguson, Foster Heights Elementary School; Melinda Simpson Monin, The New Haven School; Amanda Hill Simpson, Nelson County High School;

Owensboro Independent School System: Dr. Larry D. Vick, superintendent; Agnes Lee Mayberry, Owensboro High School;

Paris Independent School System: Janice Cox Blackburn, superintendent; Cherri Burden, Paris Elementary School; Brandi Lynn Compton, Paris High School;

Perry County School System: John Paul Amis, superintendent; Bridget Leigh Castle, Dennis C. Wooton Elementary School; Kimisu Adams, A.B. Combs Elementary School; Ralph L. Combs, Perry County Central High School;

Pulaski County School System: Timothy J. Eaton, superintendent; Molly Dalton, Shopville Elementary School; Cathy Lynn Claiborne, a 1984 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Nancy Elementary School; Gwendolyn Golden Parson, Southern Middle School; Dan Carpenter, Southwestern High School;

Rockcastle County School System: Larry B. Hammond, superintendent; Lisa Johnson Noe, Roundstone Elementary School; Karen B. Powell, Rockcastle County Middle School; Morrissa S. Hayes, Rockcastle County High School;

Rowan County School System: Marvin Moore, superintendent; April Ratliff, Rodburn Elementary School; Michael Mathews, Rowan County Middle School; Virginia Beth Landreth-Etherton, Rowan County Senior High School;

Russellville Independent School System: Roger D. Cook, superintendent; Jenny Lynn Chance, R.E. Stevenson Elementary School; Bethanie Cathleen Hargett-Slack, Russellville High School/Middle School;

Silver Grove Independent School System: Danny Montgomery, superintendent; Christina Marie Greis, Silver Grove School; Linda K. Prather, Silver Grove School; Wayne Mitchel Huff, Silver Grove School;

Somerset Independent School System: Wilson Sears, superintendent; Jennifer Sands Coldiron, Hopkins Elementary School; Stephanie Jill Vaught, Meece Middle School; Debbie K. Harris, Somerset High School;

Taylor County School System: Gary N. Seaborne, superintendent; Rebecca J. Grant, a 1976 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Taylor County Elementary School; Leigh Ann Hays, a 2008 graduate (M.A.) of Campbellsville University, Taylor County Middle School; Jeffrey Dale Gumm, a 1984 graduate (B.S.) of Campbellsville University, Taylor County High School;

Union County School System: Dr. Gerald Novak, superintendent; Erika Leigh Pence, Union County Middle School;

Warren County School System: Dale Brown, superintendent; Elizabeth Ann Jensen, Cumberland Trace Elementary School; Ruth D. Wix, Cumberland Trace Elementary School; Kevin Payne, Warren East High School;

Wayne County School System: John T. Dalton, superintendent; Sheri Dalton Allen, Bell Elementary School;

Whitley County School System: Lonnie R. Anderson, superintendent; Lisa Inman, Whitley North Elementary School; Rebecca R. Price, Whitley County Middle School; Wayne Hensley, Whitley County High School; and

Williamsburg Independent School System: Dennis W. Byrd, superintendent; Donna Jean Walden, Williamsburg City Elementary School; Jennifer Leigh Reser, Williamsburg City Middle School; Virginia Ruth Peace, Williamsburg City High School.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards Ceremony Committee includes Cheatham as chair; Kellie Vaughn, secretary to the president; Connie Wilson, academic coordinator; Shannon Clark, director of alumni relations; Savannah Greenert, secretary for the office of academic affairs; Joan McKinney, director of university communications; Dr. Brenda Priddy, associate professor and dean of the School of Education; Ashley Zsedenyi, staff writer; Linda Waggener, assistant director of university communications; and the School of Education faculty.

Dr. Carolyn Garrison, associate professor of education, gave the benediction and prayed a special blessing on teachers.

Campbellsville University is a private, comprehensive institution located in South Central Kentucky. Founded in 1906, Campbellsville University is affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has an enrollment of 2,405 students who represent 98 Kentucky counties, 25 states and 29 foreign nations. Listed in U.S.News & World Report’s 2008 “America’s Best Colleges,” CU is ranked 22nd in “Best Baccalaureate Colleges” in the South and eighth in the South for “Great Schools, Great Prices.” CU has been ranked 15 consecutive years with U.S.News & World Report. The university has also been named to America’s Best Christian Colleges®. Campbellsville University is located 82 miles southwest of Lexington, Ky., and 80 miles southeast of Louisville, Ky. Dr. Michael V. Carter is in his ninth year as president.

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