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Elmore, Mattingly teach Dining Etiquette tips to students at Campbellsville University

During the recent Dining Etiquette Luncheon on campus, Teresa Elmore, director of career services, shared tips on acceptable behavior for a job interview held over lunch, such as turning your cell phone off and being on time. (Campbellsville University Photo by Michael Hodges)

By Simon Baker, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – If you were going for a job interview over lunch, what are mistakes or gaffes that could possibly take you out of the running for that dream job?

Teresa Elmore, director of career services at Campbellsville University, and Rachel Mattingly, career services coordinator, shared proper dining etiquette skills during the Dining Etiquette Luncheon recently on campus.

“Today, we’re going to be talking about the importance of dining etiquette,” Elmore said. “In today’s market, sometimes companies are interviewing people over lunch, and this will help make you a little more polished.”

Elmore said, before a meal, always turn off your phone and make sure it’s off the table. You should also never bring extra guests, and you should always be on time.

Elmore shared when ordering, order something that is in the middle in terms of costs. You shouldn’t order the most expensive or the least expensive item on the menu. Some possible choices are chicken, fish, salads and mashed potatoes.

Elmore shared, in some dining situations, there are two forks: one for the main meal and one for the salad. Also, once your meal has arrived, Elmore said, “Cut your food into small, bite-size pieces” and taste it before you season it. Seasoning your food before eating it might be considered offensive.

Mary Jane Wilkerson, sophomore from Springfield, Ky., shared, “I have made it my goal to go to events happening around campus. “I was able to sit by some people that I never have gotten to meet and see before.”

She added, “I enjoyed the whole experience and would love to attend the next etiquete dinner.”

Avary Randall, senior from Somerset, Ky., shared that before coming to the dining etiquette event, she was nervous, as she said she did not have much professional dining experience.

She expressed how she learned how to communicate more with people for a professional job and communicate with them on a more professional level.

Randall said, overall, she enjoyed the event.

“The service was great as well, and it felt like a relaxed environment,” she said.

Randall said she would love to attend again, as “every opportunity to better myself as a professional is always worth it.”

Mattingly added some tips regarding coffee and dessert, saying, “If others do not order a dessert or coffee, do not order it.”

She said, after the meal, “Lay your fork and knife in the finished position in the center of the plate,” to indicate you’re done.

Elmore and Rachel Mattingly concluded the dining etiquette event by thanking everyone for coming and inviting them to future career service events.

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