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Gibson shares message on remembrance at Campbellsville University Heritage Day chapel Oct. 21

Gibson shares message on remembrance at Campbellsville University Heritage Day chapel Oct. 21
The Rev. Dewayne Gibson

By Scarlett Birge, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –  “How you want to be remembered makes all the difference,” the Rev. Dwayne Gibson, pastor at Parkway Baptist Church of Hodgenville, Ky., said at Campbellsville University’s Heritage Day chapel service Oct. 21.

Gibson said the main focus of life should be on what we contribute to the kingdom of God and being remembered for serving Christ.

He read from Psalm 103:16 that says the things we invest our lives into are telling of where are hearts are and how people will remember us.

“I want to be remembered as a faithful servant to Jesus,” he said.

Gibson said that the heritage of Campbellsville University means much more than just academic achievement or success in sports, but that it is a university that overflows with the love of Christ.

“If you will give Campbellsville your very best effort, Campbellsville will impact you greatly,” he said.

“Campbellsville ended up being exactly where God wanted me,” Gibson said about his journey of becoming a student at Campbellsville University in 1987 and the uncertainty he faced at first in deciding on where to attend college.

He spoke of the many opportunities the university allowed him and how he met his wife, Carleen, to whom he’s been married for 26 years, at the university in which he said he felt blessed and thankful even though initially he had no plan of going to Campbellsville.

“Some of the most important contacts and deepest friendships that I’ve ever made came through Campbellsville,” he said while sharing about his experience with the professors, staff members and students he met during his time at CU.

Gibson said the many great relationships he made with his professors is what inspired him to become a teacher.

“These are some great things that are a part of my life,” Gibson said, “but those things are not going to make an eternal difference.” Gibson said.

He shared the scriptures of John 4 and Luke 5:12-13 as examples of what we are meant to follow in order to make a righteous and lasting impact in the name of the Lord.

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