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‘God makes divine adjustments’ Smith says at Campbellsville University chapel service

‘God makes divine adjustments’ Smith says at Campbellsville University chapel service
Smith speaks at Campbellsville University’s Feb. 10 chapel service.

By Anastasia Gentry, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Gerald Smith, pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church and professor at the University of Kentucky, was Campbellsville University’s Black History Month speaker and talked about “adjustments” in life.

Smith gave a personal story about how a pilot on one of his flights made adjustments when they were facing turbulence from the harsh winds.

Smith made this connection as we serve a mighty God who is able to make adjustments here on earth, that we don’t have to deal with harsh winds because of God making divine adjustments.

Smith said when God reached the Red Sea, there was an obstacle in front of him. The children of Israel began to blame Moses and questioned God.

“You and I will encounter obstacles in our life, sometimes that obstacle is a member of our family, coworker or friend. We all encounter some sort of obstacle in life,” Smith said.

He made the connection with the children of Israel when they blamed Moses for bringing them to the Red Sea and not being able to cross it and questioned Moses why he would bring them all the way there for nothing and questioning God.

“We question God at times, when there are obstacles in our way, especially when things don’t materialize immediately,” Smith said.

“But then sometimes we question ourselves when we encounter an obstacle and blame ourselves.”

God then looked at Moses and told Moses that he would handle the obstacle. Smith said what God did is fixed the barrier that kept the children of Israel from going back because it was dark behind them but light in front of them to guide their way.

“God makes divine adjustments for all” said Smith.

Wanda Washington, assistant director of diversity, community and bridge to success at Campbellsville University, introduced Smith who received Campbellsville University’s Racial Reconciliation Award in 2015. The award is given to those who have shown outstanding characteristics of servant leadership in bringing people together past racial matters and across lines of ethnicity, and who have been significant bridge builders for the community.

Smith is the former chair of the Kentucky African American Heritage Commission. He serves on the Kentucky Historical Society Governing Board. In June 2020 he was appointed to serve as co-chair of the Commission for Racial Justice and Equality in Fayette County.

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