Ichthus return is success, says operator

Ichthus return is success, says operator
Carmen Mays of Frankfort gets into the music at Ichthus. (Campbellsville University Photo by Gerard Flanagan)

By Gerard Flanagan, news writer/photographer/social media, Office of University Communications

WILMORE, Ky.—After a six-year break, the Ichthus Festival made its return on Saturday, Sept. 18, at Servant Heart Farm in Wilmore.

Joe Lycan, who owns Servant Heart Farm and operates Ichthus with his wife, Cheryl, said the festival’s return, officially called Ichthus: The Re-Launch Event, was a success.

“All the people who were there had positive comments,” Lycan said. “We’re looking forward to next year. It was a good relaunch to get it re-established.”

Lycan said between 600 and 700 people attended the Ichthus festival.

“We secured those grounds so we could continue it for God’s purpose,” Lycan said. “We’ve diligently taken care of those grounds for nine years for such a time as this. The Lord is breathing new life into Ichthus’ original vision of salvation, discipleship and the celebration of Christ using musicians. Ichthus is celebrating the glory God manifested when he gave us our freedom and the right to worship him freely without persecution.”

As for Ichthus’ future, Lycan said he and others are exploring the idea of doing more than one event per year.

“We might get back to a multi-day event, but we are trying to do two events—one in the spring and one in the fall,” Lycan said.

While Lycan said Servant Heart Farm is not a wedding venue, a wedding was held during Ichthus.

Ichthus Photo
Dr. H. Keith Spears, interim president for Campbellsville University, told the crowd at Ichthus that Servant Heart Farm has become a special place. (Campbellsville University Photo by Gerard Flanagan)

During Ichthus, the crowd heard from several speakers, including Dr. H. Keith Spears, interim president for Campbellsville University.

“There’s something about a place,” Spears said. “Up on the hill here earlier today, we witnessed a wedding. I don’t know if any of you have ever witnessed a wedding at a place like this at a concert…To that couple and their families, this has become a sense of place for them.”

Spears said Campbellsville University will help those who will “sanctify places.”

“This has become a place for us,” Spears said. “…Take this place home with you, because it will not be the last time we have this place.”

Spears also asked the crowd to get their cell phones out and turn on the light on their phones.

“I want to take a picture of you letting your light shine right here at Ichthus because the light of God will continue to shine right here at Servant Heart Farm,” Spears said.

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