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Jones challenges Campbellsville University President’s Club members to have joy in their lives

Dr. James Jones was the featured speaker at Campbellsville University’s 38th annual President’s Club dinner.
Dr. James Jones was the featured speaker at Campbellsville University’s 38th annual President’s Club dinner.

By Kasey Ricketts, communications assistant

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –“If you want to have continuous joy in your life here is the secret: give your life away for something or someone that is worthwhile. Help other people,” Jones said.

Jones shared his excitement on the progress and growth of the university with her record enrollment of over 8,000 students, the groundbreaking of new buildings, addition of education centers, development of online courses and the amount of lives being changed by Christ at CU.

“If you want to be a cheerful or joyful person, invest in other people. Ladies and gentleman, we are investing in close to 8,000 men and women because we are putting our money where our mouth is and willing to give ourselves to let these young people know we care about them. The Lord says to be a joyful and cheerful giver and these students and this university are making us all that,” Jones said.

The President’s Club is for donors of Campbellsville University who contribute $1,000 or more in a fiscal year. The dinner is held as a thank you to them, as well as to honor the new members of the President’s Club.

Of the $4 million donated to Campbellsville University in the 2016 to 2017 fiscal year, the President’s Club members accounted for $3 million of the donations.

“You are the individuals that have stood by us in change, have prayed for us, and gave to us. We could not have accomplished all that we have without your generosity. We are closer to our mission and path than ever before,” President Michael V. Carter, said.

After the latest intake, CU enrollment has increased to 8372 students which is an 85 percent increase over last fall.

In the last five years, there has been a 15 percent growth of President’s Club members that now totals 418 members. A total of 63 new members were inducted into the President’s Club this year.

New members for 2017-18 include: Tim and Teresa Aulbach, Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation, Ona Mae Hamilton, Lanny and Sue Parrott, Century 21 Smith Realty Group, The Community Foundation of Louisville, INC., Estate of Jewel F Roberts, Farmers National Bank, Danville, INFAC Corporation, Wesley and Sida Roberts, RD Entertainment, Whitaker Foundation, INC., David and Cynthia Collier, Dollar General Literacy Foundation, First Presbyterian Church Missionary Emergency Fund, Mark McVey, Cricket Wireless, Karen Drake, Enterprise Holdings Foundation, London Medical Properties, LCC., Markel Corporation, Mister “P” Express, Inc., Poppy D’s Enterprise, LCC., Greg and Mary Ann Sapp, South District Baptist Assoc, Stan Owens Insurance, Inc., Kandy Sutton, Zion District Association,

AutoSmart Car Sales, Beech Grove Baptist Church, Peter and Jill Bradstreet, Eric and Tracy Bruns, Campbellsville Automotive, Inc., Cave City Baptist Church, Kacey Chowning Boils, Cornishville Christian Church, Patricia Durbin, Firehouse Subs-Somerset, First Baptist Church of London, Ken and Pat Forman, Raymond Giannini, Chuck and Fran Hamilton, Highland Baptist Church, Peggy Hinson, Sharon and Richard Hundley, Jimi Jones Realty Inc, Keltner Contracting & Service Inc., Terry Keltner, Suzanne Kopf, Jerome and Martha Lawson, Verta Love, Renee Marcum, Jerry Mardis, Ricky Lee Ralston, Todd Rayhill, Renegade Marine & Outdoors, Saint Barnabas Church of the Encourager, Barry and Kimberly Steele, Stober & Chiaro, Inc. dba, Tome Made Inc., Uptown Graphics LLC, Randall and Lindsay Vernon, Angela Weddle and Elmer Whitaker.