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Journalist Al Cross speaks at CU’s Media Appreciation Luncheon

March 30, 2015
For Immediate Release

By Josh Christian, student news writer


CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – “Seek truth and report. Minimize harm to your subjects and sources. Act independently, and be accountable and transparent to the people you serve,” Al Cross, director of the institute for rural journalism and community issues at the University of Kentucky, said to mass communication students and fellow media at Campbellsville University’s Media Appreciation Luncheon on March 19, quoting the Society of Professional Journalist’s Code of Ethics.

Cross urged all media to seek truth in the age where media seeks entertainment.

“Never has it been easier to lie outrageously and get away with it,” he said, from an article Charles Pierce wrote in Esquire Magazine.

Cross’s presentation emphasized the problem of media as well as the progression of media as a whole. Cross began with the newspaper and its domination of the media.

“Newspapers were the only real form of mass communication,” he said.

However, as the years went on, newspapers began to be dominated by political interests.

“It wasn’t until the 1800s newspapers evolved from partisan promotion sheets into mass-circulation publications that were based more on fact than opinion,” Cross said.

He explained the evolvement of mass communication as the Internet became public and computers became faster. Additionally, cable was changed with the advent of satellites, creating a wide variety of sources.

“Journalism has become an industry,” Cross said.

Cross closed with encouraging students to pursue media as a public service rather than a way to become a star.

This was Campbellsville University’s 11th Annual Media Appreciation Luncheon. The Office of University Communication, along with the CU Department of Mass Communication, plans the luncheon to thank the media for their work with the university and for mass communication students to connect with media.

Photo from the event can be found on CU’s Flickr page.

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Campbellsville University’s Media Appreciation Luncheon was hosted by the Office of CU Communications. From left: Drew Tucker, communications assistant; Kyle Perkins; Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator; Shelby Hall; Jilly Benningfield; Hanna Hall; Al Cross, director of the institute for rural journalism and community issues at the University of Kentucky; Kasey Rickets; Samantha Clark; Jordan Snider; Josh Christian; and Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator. (Campbellsville University Photo by Stan McKinney)