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Theology graduates ‘leave their mark’ on Campbellsville University, dean says at pinning and hooding ceremony

From left are Leslie Richardson, Angelica Maldonado, John Banks, David Buckner, Rebecca Jaggers, Danielle Smith, Sandra Marshall-King, Rayna Vergeils and Kaaren Wampler. (Campbellsville University Photo by Daisy Rodriguez)

By Gerard Flanagan, news writer and photographer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –Dr. John Hurtgen, dean of the School of Theology, told the candidates for pinning and hooding they had made their mark in the rich history of Campbellsville University during the School of Theology’s pinning and hooding ceremony in the BASC Banquet Hall recently.

“You have made a mark on this institution, and we thank God for you,” Hurtgen said. “You have added to her vision of equipping men and women for life, mission and ministry. You added much to this institution.”

Dr. Twyla Hernandez, professor of Christian missions, gave the pins to the undergraduate students.

Pinning candidates are as follows: Tony Gooch of Stanford, Ky.; Jake Guerrero of Louisville, Ky.; John Peck of Louisville, Ky.; Hunter Holt of Bardstown, Ky.; Bryan Litton of Louisville, Ky.; Dustin Webb of Lawrenceburg, Ky.; Allison Hill of Lawrenceburg, Ky.;

Trenae Stone of Shelbyville, Ky.; Ashley Martin of Lexington, Ky.; Stephen Hinkle of Danville, Ky.; and Amanda Knight of Bremen, Ky.

Dr. Mike O’Neal, associate professor of theology, Old Testament and Hebrew, and Dr. Scott Wigginton, professor of pastoral ministries and counseling, hooded the Master of Theology students.

Dr. Ken Hollis, director of the Marriage and Family Therapy program and associate professor of theology, and Dr. Rahsheeno Griffith, assistant professor of marriage and family therapy, hooded the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy graduates.

Hooding candidates, listed by their degrees, are as follows:

Master of Theology—Lindsey Cochran of Liberty, Ky.; David Greene of Versailles, Ky.; Herman Colbert of Louisville, Ky.; Byron Gay of Lexington, Ky.; and Gayla Gilbert of Henderson, Ky.

Master of Marriage and Family Therapy—John Banks of Louisville, Ky.; David Buckner of Louisville, Ky.; Kimberly Colbert of Louisville, Ky.; Rebecca Jaggers of Crestwood, Ky.; Victoria Lawson of Springfield, Ky.; Sandra Marshall-King of Louisville, Ky.;

Leslie Richardson of Louisville, Ky.; Rayna Vergiels of Louisville, Ky.; Ken Williams of Louisville, Ky.; Jordan Harris of Radcliff, Ky.; Kayla Johnson of Accokeek, Md.; Malisa Komolthiti of Ameila, Ohio; Erika Stallings of Cox’s Creek; Kaaren Wampler of Shelbyville, Ky.;

Angelica Maldonado of Lexington, Ky.; Sandra Marshall-King of Louisville, Ky.; and Diane Taylor of Prospect, Ky.

From left are Dr. Guy O’Neal, Lindsey Cochran, Gayla Gilbert, Dr. Scott Wigginton and Dr. John Hurtgen. (Campbellsville University Photo by Daisy Rodriguez)

Dr. Shane Garrison, professor of educational ministries, welcomed those in attendance.

Dr. Kim Miracle, director of academic affairs at the Louisville Education Center and assistant professor of theology, gave the benediction.

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From left are Dr. John Hurtgen, Bryan Litton, Allison Hill, Trenae Stone, Dustin Webb and Dr. Twyla Hernandez. (Campbellsville University Photo by Daisy Rodriguez)