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Ventresco finds new purpose at Campbellsville University

July 12, 2013
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 Jordan Ventresco, left, and Dr. Ted Taylor talk in the Turner Log Cabin Park at Campbellsville
Jordan Ventresco, left, and Dr. Ted Taylor talk in the Turner Log Cabin Park at Campbellsville
University. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)


By Heather Hensley

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. — “For nothing is impossible with God.” This scripture from Luke 1:37 has given new hope to Jordan Ventresco, a senior at Campbellsville University.

The Dublin, Ohio native has been spending the past couple of years sharing his life- changing experience with students not only on CU’s campus, but with other high schools, colleges and universities.

Ventresco said he made a life-changing decision during an Oasis worship event on CU’s campus by accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Ventresco said the only style of religion he’d ever even known about before coming to CU was what he learned in his elementary school days at a private Catholic school. “During the services, it seemed like the same exact play getting rehearsed twice a week,” he said, referring to the church services he was required to attend each week at school.

He said his family didn’t go to church, but had put him in that particular school setting to get a better education than the public school system in his area.

He recalled his attitude after leaving the Catholic school system and moving into a public school setting.

“After being put in public school, I never looked back at wanting to learn about Christ,” he said. “I told everyone that I had learned everything I needed to know about religion, and I did not like any other churches besides the one I used to go to.” He said he only said that just because he wanted to stay away from something he didn’t understand.

Ventresco said that his journey at CU started because of being awarded a scholarship for his academic achievements and for being accepted onto the university’s bowling team. He came in not wanting to learn any more about Christianity, but knew God had other plans.

He joked that he didn’t pay much attention during the freshman FIRST CLASS sessions but did enjoy the music that was being played by an actual band.

He said the turning event in his life was when the speaker he heard at Oasis the night that he accepted Christ made him think.

“It felt like the speaker was directing his message straight to me,” he said. “The main point of the devotion was not to put off God another day, for tomorrow is never promised.”

He said this made him think about losing a close friend during his senior year of high school and wondering what his friend would do if he had one more day on the earth.

After he accepted Christ, he changed his major to sports ministry and has been speaking at several different events and sharing his story of finding the Lord. He talked to one of his former football coaches and asked if he could share his story during a Tuesday night Bible study. He has shared his story with a bowler from Texas A & M University. He has even shared with a complete stranger.

Dr. G. Ted Taylor, professor of Christian studies and lead professor of the sports ministry program, said that it has been a joy to have him in the sports ministry program at CU.

“Every opportunity and challenge that I have put before Jordan, he has embraced it,” Taylor said.

Taylor also said Ventresco has spoken at FIRST CLASS large group sessions, facilitated sessions in Christian coaching and was a keynote speaker for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Southwestern Pulaski County High School.

He has also been the “Crazy Love” Bible study leader on the bowling team, Taylor said.

Ventresco served as captain and spiritual leader of the CU men’s bowling team in 2012-13. He competed in the Team USA bowling trials in January in Las Vegas and plans to do so again in 2014 with hopes of going pro.

 Jordan Ventresco steps up to bowl for the Tigers Bowling Team.
Jordan Ventresco steps up to bowl for the
Tigers Bowling Team. (Campbellsville
University Photo by Richard RoBards)

Later in January, he received his first career Top 5 finish for the Tigers by placing fourth at the Union College Bulldogs Classic in February.

In November, he received the United States Bowling Congress 11-in-a-row award, a laser-engraved crystal-style trophy,given to a bowler who is able to record 11 consecutive strikes in a single game when the score is 299 or less. This was at the BTM Striking Knights Classic in Louisville. Ventresco is the first Tiger bowler to earn the award during a tournament while competing for CU in a tournament.

Ventresco has worked the Office of Broadcast Services as a camera operator for WLCU for “Dialogue on Public Issues,” “Perry Thomas Show,” “Inside CU Sports,” “Derby Rose Gala,” chapel services and live televised broadcasts of CU football, basketball and baseball games.

He has also worked behind the scenes and on-air with WLCU 88.7 FM, including broadcasting baseball games.

He is the son of Robert Ventresco of Baltimore, Ohio and Renee Sbrochi of Dublin, Ohio. He is a 2010 graduate of Hilliard Davidson High School in Hilliard, Ohio. He attends Living Grace Church in Campbellsville.

“Jordan is a story of faith development in Christ on the campus of Campbellsville University,” said Taylor. “He represents the transformation that takes place on our campus on a daily basis.”

Regarding future plans, Ventresco says that’s not up to him.

“I do not know what the future holds for me, nor am I planning anything besides graduating, and then letting the Lord take me where He wants me to go,” he said.

However, he did say he has been in contact with the president of the Golden Gate Seminary in California, who works with the San Francisco Giants.

“I cannot wait to see the opportunities the Lord has next for me!” he said.

Ventresco is spending his summer working at Camp Rockmount, a children’s camp in North Carolina, for the second year in a row.

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