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Campbellsville University presents teaching awards

May 21, 2011
For Immediate Release


By Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator


CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University presented Excellence in Teaching Awards to 150 educators from across Kentucky during the 25th annual awards program Saturday, May 21 in the Winters Dining Hall of the E. Bruce Heilman Student Complex on the Campbellsville University campus.

Gary Griesser, following a 27-year career as a professional educator, has completed his 12th year in a new career as a full-time inspirational speaker. He entertained the crowd of about 500 at the ceremony.

 Gary Griesser told the teachers "people don't  care how much you know 'til they know how much you care." (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)
Gary Griesser told the teachers “people don’t
care how much you know ’til they know how
much you care.” (Campbellsville University
Photo by Linda Waggener)

In his 27 years of education, he said the greatest truth he has learned is “People don’t care how much you know ’til they know how much you care.” He told of educators in his life who have made a difference to him, and he urged the teachers to make a difference in the lives of students who need them.

“To the world you may be just one person; but to one person you may be the world,” he told the teachers. “Thank you for what you are doing. Keep on doing what you are doing.”

Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville University, said he comes from an educational family in which she mother and father both taught and his father had administrative duties as he does.

“What you do is so important. Teaching is the most important profession on the planet. We are glad to set a day to highlight what you do,” he said.

Carter said CU is finishing her 104th year of Christian higher education and that the university became as a normal school for the preparation of teachers.

“Thank you for caring for the next generation of leaders,” he said.

“Teaching is the profession that creates all others,” Dr. Brenda A. Priddy, dean of the School of Education, said was printed on a wall in the School of Education building.


She introduced two retired teachers, Sam Wickliffe and Dolly Harris, who both taught in the Campbellsville School System and who were among the first teachers honored at the first Excellence in Teaching ceremony 25 years ago.

She also introduced John Chowning, vice president for church and external relations and executive assistant to the president, and Virginia Flanagan, part-time special assistant to the president, who began the program working with Forward in the Fifth.


She told the teachers it was the intent of the Excellence in Teaching program to make “a very special and memorable moment” for the teachers to “feel so special to Campbellsville University and to the Lord.”

She quoted Ephesians 4:11,12 which says: “Christ chose some of us to be apostles, prophets, missionaries, pastors, teachers, so that his people would learn to serve and his body would grow strong.”


Dr. Frank Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs, welcomed the teachers to campus. He and Priddy made the award presentations with assistance from Dr. Donna Hedgepath, associate professor of education and associate dean, and the entire School of Education faculty.

Dave Walters, vice president for admissions and student services, gave the invocation. An ensemble from the Campbellsville University School of Music played lunch music.


The School of Education offers undergraduate and graduate programs and is accredited by NCATE, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Programs offered include: undergraduate – P-5, elementary education; 5-9, middle grades education; 8-12, English, math, biology, chemistry and social studies; P-12, art, music, health and physical education and special education; P-12, ESL endorsement; P-12, environmental education endorsement; early childhood education and interdisciplinary early childhood education;

Graduate – teacher leader master of arts in education, teacher leader master of arts in special education, master of arts in special education, Rank I program, director of special education, P-12, ESL endorsement, P-12, environmental education endorsement and P-12, gifted education.


There are 17 faculty members and two student organizations – Kappa Delta Pi and Kentucky Education Association Student Program.

Priddy and Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs, presented the awards. The teachers represent 55 school districts.

The purpose of the Excellence in Teaching Awards Program is to recognize the quality of teaching taking place in the school systems throughout Kentucky. The program was begun in 1987 by Campbellsville University with assistance from Earl Aaron and the Ward, Cundiff and Aaron Memorial Fund at the university.

Through the awards program, Campbellsville University presents awards to teachers in each grade level (elementary [P-5], middle [6-8] and high school [9-12]) as selected by their school district. Since the program’s inception, 2,687 teachers have been honored by their colleagues.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards program is in partnership with Lexington’s CBS-affiliate, WKYT-TV.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recipients include the following with their superintendent listed first:

Adair County School System – Darrell Treece, superintendent; Sandra Gayle Wilkinson, Adair County Elementary School, a 1982 CU alumna; Tina Sue Hadley, Adair Youth Development Center, a 2005 CU alumna and a 2007 CU MASE alumna; John M. Shelley III, Adair County High School;

Anchorage Independent Schools – Don Cravens, superintendent; Sherrie Lee Morgan, Anchorage Public School, K-8; Janice Lynn Broyles, Anchorage Independent Schools, K-8;

Barren County School System – Dr. Jerry Ralston, superintendent; Julie Lynn Mohon, Red Cross Elementary School; Dr. Jennifer Woodcock Stith, Barren County Middle School; Angela Lynn Rush, Barren County High School;

Bell County School System – George Thompson, superintendent; Melanie Renee Mills, Lone Jack School Center; Tina Renee Lambdin, Bell Central School Center; Brenda K. Gambrel, Bell County High School;
Boone County School System – Randy Poe, superintendent; Meredith Anne Larison, Longbranch Elementary School; Holly Noel McVaigh, Camp Ernst Middle School; James M. Schroer, Randall K. Cooper High School;

Bourbon County School System – Lana Fryman, superintendent; Kathy Holland Shiflet, Cane Ridge Elementary School; Scott Alan Cahill, Bourbon County Middle School; Somer Beth Davis, Bourbon County High School;

Bowling Green Independent Schools – Joseph Tinius, superintendent; Christina Ann Price, Potter Gray Elementary School; Elizabeth W. Madison, Bowling Green Junior High School; Allen D. White, Bowling Green Senior High School;

Boyd County School System – Howard K. Osborne, superintendent; Megan Brooke Thomas, Cannonsburg Elementary School; Judi Lynn King, Boyd County Middle School; Shelia Ann Duncan, Boyd County High School;

Bullitt County School System – Keith Davis, superintendent; Daniel Eric Mullins, Brooks Elementary School; Braxton Kyle Buege, Eastside Middle School; Jennifer Rebecca Barth, Bullitt Central High School

Burgin Independent Schools – Richard W. Webb, superintendent; Candace Birge Yates, Burgin Elementary School; Bart Wayne Mattingly, Burgin High School;

Butler County School System – Daniel Scott Howard, superintendent; Linda Anne Amos, Morgantown Elementary School; Boyce Dale Flener, Butler County Middle School; Stacy Michelle Rice, Butler County High School;

Campbellsville Independent Schools – Michael Deaton, superintendent; Garnetta Bale Murrell, Campbellsville Elementary School; Sharon Denise Harris, Campbellsville Middle School, a 1985 CU alumna; Tammy Lynn Wilson, Campbellsville High School, a 1992 CU alumna;

Casey County School System – Linda W. Hatter, superintendent; Audrey Ellen Allen, Walnut Hill Elementary School; William Anthony Streeval, Casey County Middle School; Stephanie Louise Massey, Casey County High School;

Catholic Diocese of Lexington – Timothy Weaver, superintendent; Kathleen Ann Leonard, Christ the King School;

Cloverport Independent Schools – Dr. John Millay, superintendent; Mary Dianne Tindle, William Natcher Elementary School; Jill Powers, Frederick Fraize Middle School;

Cornerstone Christian School – Joseph W. Allen, superintendent; Penny M. Smith, Cornerstone Christian School; Judy Y. Smith, Cornerstone Christian School;

Cumberland County School System – John L. Hurt, superintendent; Connie W. Cravens, Cumberland County Middle School;

Daviess County School System – Dr. Tom Shelton, superintendent; Diana Lynn Cole, Country Heights Elementary School; Elizabeth Gayle Muster, F.T. Burns Middle School; Barry J. Neville, Daviess County High School;

Elizabethtown Independent Schools – Gary French, superintendent; Amy Elizabeth Truitt, Morningside Elementary School; William Thad Elmore, T.K. Stone Middle School; Kimberly M. Black, Elizabethtown High School;

Eminence Independent Schools – Buddy Berry, superintendent; Sarah Wilson Morgan, Eminence Elementary School; Jennifer Puckett Montgomery, Eminence Middle School; Lisa McNey Erwin, Eminence High School;

Fulton County School System – Dennis Bledsoe, superintendent; Carla Gayle McClure, Fulton County Elementary/Middle School; Elizabeth Mullally McWhirt, Fulton County Elementary/Middle School; Melanie Ann Curlin, Fulton County High School;

Garrard County School System – Donald F. Aldridge, superintendent; Peggy Jane Riley, Camp Dick Robinson Elementary School; Dianne R. Mink, Garrard County Middle School; Cheryl Lyne Hooper, Garrard County High School;

Green County School System – Marshall Lowe, superintendent; Savona Williams Edwards, Green County Intermediate School;

Hardin County School System – Nannette Johnston, superintendent; MaryJane W. Boes, Heartland Elementary School; Amanda Suzanne Minnich, James T. Alton Middle School; Paula Louise Brewer, Central Hardin High School;

Harlan County School System – Timothy Saylor, superintendent; Sandy Cope, Cumberland Elementary School; the Rev. John C. Carter III, Cawood Elementary School/Middle School; Amanda Joy Smith, Harlan County High School;

Harlan Independent Schools – David R. Johnson, superintendent; Emely Clevinger Sanders, Harlan Elementary School; Lonnie Wayne Huff Jr., Harlan Middle School; Kevin Ball, Harlan High School;

Harrison County School System – Andy Dotson, superintendent; Catherine Lynne Caudill, Eastside Elementary School; Debbie Neat Pulliam, Harrison County Middle School; Christine Elaine Garnett, Harrison County High School;

Hart County School System – Ricky D. Line, superintendent; Martha Carol Smith, Cub Run Elementary School; Emily Damron Northcutt, LeGrande Elementary/Middle School; Martha Anne Kos, Hart County High School;

Jessamine County School System – Lu S. Young, superintendent; Tyler Andrew Moore, Nicholasville Elementary School; Lynn Kimberly Davidson, East Jessamine Middle School; Elizabeth Ann Spurlock, The Providence School;

Kentucky Christian Academy – Lori Eubank, administrator; Georgietta Lee Johnson, Kentucky Christian Academy;

Knox County School System – Walter T. Hulett, superintendent; Donna Welch, Flat Lick Elementary School; Tammie Sue Sanders, Knox County Middle School; Rodney Swafford, Knox Central High School;

LaRue County School System – Sam Sanders, superintendent; Melissa Faye Flanders, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School; David Matthew Noe, LaRue County Middle School; Jerry Christopher Price, LaRue County High School;

Laurel County School System – David Young, superintendent; Darrin L. Hacker, Cold Hill Elementary School; JoAnna Sizemore, South Laurel Middle School; Wendell Worley, South Laurel High School;

Lincoln County School System – Karen Hatter, superintendent; Judy Gail Reed, Stanford Elementary School; Wendy K. Peters, Lincoln County Middle School; Laura Janan Hamm, Lincoln County High School;

Marion County School System – Steve Burkich, superintendent; Ara Marie Tungate, Glasscock Elementary School, a 1991 CU alumna; Amy Lois Mattingly, St. Charles Middle School; Kimberly Smith Hardin, Marion County High School;

Marshall County School System – Trent Lovett, superintendent; Michele Lynn Stevenson, Calvert City Elementary School; Bill Kunnecke Sr., North Marshall Middle School; Sandy David, Marshall County High School;

Mercer County School System – Chuck Hamilton, superintendent; William Jay Anderson, Mercer County Intermediate School; Judy F. Johnson, Kenneth D. King Middle School; Miranda LeeAnn Goodlett, Mercer County Senior High School;

Metcalfe County School System – Patricia Hurt, superintendent; Kimberly S. Coleman, Edmonton Elementary School; Tim L. Parson, Metcalfe County Middle School; Brett Thomas Meredith, Metcalfe County High School;

Middlesboro Independent Schools – Dr. Rita C. Cook, superintendent; Amy Saylor Cottrell, Middlesboro Independent Primary School; Sandra G. Evans, Middlesboro Independent Middle School; Jennifer Erin Kight, Middlesboro Independent High School;

Monroe County School System – Lewis D. Carter, superintendent; Kari A. Langford, Tompkinsville Elementary School; Karen Ranee Copass, Monroe County Middle School; Kimberly Lynn Headrick, Monroe County High School;

Paris Independent Schools – Gary Wiseman, superintendent; Tara Lynn Haywood, Paris Elementary School; Christopher Reed, Paris Middle School; Stephen McCauley, Paris High School;

Pendleton County School System – Ronald “Sonny” Fentress, interim superintendent; Lisa Michele Manor, Northern Elementary School; Eileen Tierney Baker, Phillip A. Sharp Middle School; Tessa Danielle Wilson, Pendleton High School;

Perry County School System – John Paul Amis, superintendent; Melvetta Orene Craig, R.W. Combs Elementary School; Elizabeth Gayheart Slone, Willard Elementary School/Middle School; Crystal Gail Couch, Perry County Central High School;

Pulaski County School System – Steve Butcher, superintendent; Stephanie F. McClendon, Southern Elementary School; Daniel Evan Hill, Northern Middle School, a 2009 CU MASE alumnus; Terra Lynn Childers, Pulaski County High School;

Rockcastle County School System – Larry B. Hammond, superintendent; Melissa Fairchild, Roundstone Elementary School; Donna Lynn Roberts, Rockcastle County Middle School; Debbie Jo Cash, Rockcastle County High School;

Rowan County School System – Marvin Moore, superintendent; Joanne Coffey Lambertson, Clearfield Elementary School; Lynette Kae Gillespie, Rowan County Middle School; Jennifer Blanche Malphrus, Rowan County Senior High School;

Science Hill Independent Schools – Rick Walker, superintendent; Jannette Luttrell, Science Hill Independent School (Primary); Tonya D. Barnett, Science Hill Independent School (Middle);

Scott County School System – Patricia Putty, superintendent; Donna L. Marshall-Cox, Garth Elementary School; Ashley Kristian Williams, Scott County Middle School; Leigh Ellen Baird, Scott County 9th Grade School;

Simpson County School System – Jim Flynn, superintendent; Mary Kay Tucker, Simpson Elementary School; Natalie Nicole McCutchen, Franklin-Simpson Middle School; Crystal Dawn Bayles, Franklin-Simpson High School;

Somerset Independent Schools – Dr. Teresa Wallace, superintendent; Elizabeth Ann Drake, Hopkins Elementary School;

Spencer County School System – Chuck Adams, superintendent; Natalie Carlton Mullins, Taylorsville Elementary School; Shelby Lynn Steege, Spencer County Middle School; Janet Lee Helms, Spencer County High School;

Taylor County School System – Roger Cook, superintendent; Kimberly Dawn Shofner, Taylor County Elementary School, a 2006 CU MASE alumna; Loria Cox Christie, Taylor County Middle School, a 2005 CU MASE alumna; Karen Sue McAnelly, Taylor County High School;

Warren County School System – Tim Murley, superintendent; Melissa Beth Zimmer, Cumberland Trace Elementary School; Christa June Lemily, South Warren Middle School; Thomas Edward Jones III, Warren East High School;

Washington County School System – J. Robin Cochran, superintendent; Paula Suzanne Turner, North Washington Elementary School, a 2007 CU MASE alumna; Beth Ellen Weakley, North Washington Elementary/Middle School, a 2002 CU alumna and a 2006 CU MASE alumna; Nicole Lee Scott, Washington County High School;

Wayne County School System – John Dalton, superintendent; Carolyn Brammer, Bell Elementary School; Rachel Dicken Stinson, Wayne County Middle School; Angela Sloan, Wayne County High School.

The 2011 Excellence in Teaching committee is: Dr. Frank Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs; Bettye MacFarland, secretary for the School of Education; Joan McKinney, news and publications coordinator; Dr. Brenda A. Priddy, dean of the School of Education; Paula Smith, assistant director of alumni relations and special events; Dr. Robert VanEst, associate professor of education; Kellie Vaughn, secretary to the president; Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator; and Connie Wilson, academic coordinator.

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with over 3,000 students offering 63 undergraduate programs, 17 master’s degrees and five postgraduate areas. The website for complete information is