Campbellsville University Presidential Ambassadors share post-graduation plans

March 15, 2011
For Immediate Release

By Ariana Johnson, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Among the seniors graduating in May 2011 from Campbellsville University are three Presidential Ambassadors who are pursuing the medical field.

 Andrew McNeill dissects a bird in ornithology    class. He plans on trying out internships in    biology before he pursues a master's in biology.    (Campbellsville University Photo by Piao Yu)
  Andrew McNeill dissects a bird in ornithology
class. He plans on trying out internships in
biology before he pursues a master’s in biology.
(Campbellsville University Photo by Piao Yu)

Whitney Dietz, a native of Madisonville, Ky., plans to further her education with dental school. Andrew McNeill of Louisville, Tenn., plans to earn a master’s in biology. Amelia Rosenberger of White Mills, Ky., plans on attending pharmacy school.

Dietz will start dental school this fall at the University of Kentucky. She was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship.

“My husband and I have already started in ministry at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, a church in Nicholasville where he is the youth minister, and I have started a new sign and interpretation ministry,” Dietz said. “I am so excited for dental school to start.”

McNeill plans on furthering his education with a master’s degree in the field of biology. He is going to take a year after college to try various internships in order to find which specific area of biology he should go into. He also hopes to do some international traveling.

“I am actually still not sure what I am going to be when I grow up,” said McNeill. “I do know that I will go into something science-related since I absolutely love biology. I am hoping to try out a few internships during the year following graduation, and hopefully that will help me figure out exactly which area of biology to focus on as I pursue a master’s degree, which is something that I certainly plan on doing in the future.”

Rosenberger plans on entering the class of 2014 Sullivan University College of Pharmacy to complete her Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD).

“I decided to go into clinical pharmacy about a year ago,” Rosenberger said. “My desire to go into clinical pharmacy for pediatric oncology began when several of the children in my home community struggled through their chemotherapy, etc.

“My desire to be a doctor, and more importantly, a doctor of pharmacy, has become a passion and is being encouraged by these families. My training will start at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy for the doctorate of pharmacy program; I will then be placed into a three-year residency in pediatrics and oncology. After that, I will most likely be on staff at a large teaching hospital working with other cancer specialists working toward easier diagnosis, recovery and, eventually, a cure.”

Presidential Ambassadors are students who have received either a Governor’s or Presidential Scholarship at Campbellsville University. The students represent CU and help the president in hosting guests at various events during the academic year, as their way of providing a service back to the university for the students’ scholarships.

There are currently 26 Presidential Ambassadors at CU.

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