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Campbellsville University’s new Men’s Village Residence Hall to house 90 students

July 21, 2010
For Immediate Release

The new men’s village residence hall at Campbellsville University, located at 101 and 103 Spring Street, is ready for students to move in for the fall semester. The additional residence hall will house 90 students.By Christina Miller, office assistant

The Men’s Village includes 15 suites. Each suite houses six students, two in each bedroom. Two of the suites are built handicapped accessible. The residence hall also includes an apartment for a resident director, a laundry room and a large lounge area.

While the design of the new residence hall is basically the same as the other Villages, many improvements have been made, according to Marion Hall, director of special projects at Campbellsville University. This residence hall makes for the third phase of the Village; the first was built in 1996.

“It’s like the Toyota concept,” Hall said. “We find something that works, then improve it.”

Otto Tennant, vice president for finance and administration, said, “We build them with the basic building model, but change it a bit. We make improvements every time.

“We try to build ‘maintenance free’ so that it’s easier to keep clean and items don’t need to be replaced as often.”

The new residence hall has wood laminate flooring, oak stairs and ceramic tile in the bathrooms.

The lounge area has tall, open ceilings that could be used for large murals. It is different from the other Village lobbies because there is no wasted ceiling space. The new lobby will also have six theater-style, leather lounge chairs, Tennant said.

The Men’s Village will also have wireless capabilities so students may sit outside in the courtyard and study. A park setting is planned for the back of the building.

Not only will the building have improvements from precious villages, but its energy efficiency will improve also. It has a highly efficient heating and air conditioning system, additional insulation to cut down on energy costs, low usage plumbing and energy efficient lighting.
“It’s really an area to talk about improvement,” Tennant said.

Hall said the last of the Villages uses two-thirds the energy as the first one built. “This one will be even better,” he said.

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