CU sports ministry students lead camps for children

Oct. 14, 2011
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 Andrew McGinnis of Danville, Ky. teaches a Bible verse to students in a sports camp lead by an Introduction to Sports Ministry class.
 Andrew McGinnis of Danville, Ky. teaches a Bible verse to students in a sports camp lead by an Introduction to Sports Ministry class.

By Emma Calvert, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University’s Introduction to Sports Ministry class is getting more involved in the community.

Dr. G. Ted Taylor, professor of Christian studies and lead professor of the sports ministry program in CU’s School of Theology, conducts sports camps in Campbellsville for children as class projects. This experience provides students the opportunity to prepare, implement, and evaluate sports ministry for children of all ages.

The class has organized and led a soccer camp with the kindergarten class taught by Mrs. Sheri Taylor at the Campbellsville Christian Church Center for Education.

“The sports camps are a win/win experience for all involved,” Dr. Taylor said. “The camps provide learning opportunities for ministry students as we seek to prepare Christian servant leaders for the 21st century.”

Biblical teaching is included as Campbellsville University School of Theology’s vision is “to prepare World Changers for Christ.”

Andrew McGinnis of Danville, Ky. teaches a Bible verse to students in a sports camp lead by an Introduction to Sports Ministry class.

Logan Hazelwood, a May 2011 pastoral ministries graduate from Salvisa, Ky., now serves as the graduate assistant for the class. Hazelwood spent class time preparing the students for the sports camps. “It gave our students an incredible opportunity to use practical soccer skills to build relationships and minister to these children.”

According to Hazelwood, the camp was an “unexpected blessing that I received by taking our class to the children was witnessing how well the CU students interacted with the children. Their enthusiasm and energy was an example for me.”

It was also a win for the kindergarten class as they learned skills in a sport and built relationships with college students.
Mrs. Sheri Taylor said, “The children really enjoyed having the college students come and interact with them. They had a very positive experience and it was a great motivator for learning in the classroom.”

CU Sports Ministry students benefited from this experience in various ways. First, they get to put what they learn in class into practice in a hands-on experience.

Brett Sowell, a sophomore from Auburn, Ky., “I learned how to talk to kids in a loving way where they could understand what I was teaching, whether it was soccer skills or a Bible verse. It’s difficult to break the Gospel down for younger children, but I feel that I’m getting better about reaching them.”

Bright Agyei-Sakyi, a student from Ghana, West Africa, said, “I liked practicing what we are learning because these things are very important in life and equip us to be successful and effective servants of God.”

Not only were the students in Mrs. Taylor’s kindergarten class blessed, but the students in Dr. Taylor’s class feel that they received a blessing as well.

Andrew McGinnis, a senior from Danville, Ky., said he was blessed by “being able to form relationships with [the children] and see how excited and grateful they were that we were with them.”

The children have enjoyed playing with the CU students. Issac Garrison, a 6-year-old student in Mrs. Taylor’s class, said about sports camp, “It was awesome! I loved how the college students played with me.”

His mother said, “He’s even asked when they are coming back.”

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