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Jim and Bernice Tatum brought more than Suits for Servants during their visit to CU

Nov. 17, 2010
For Immediate Release

By Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Jim Tatum, founder of Suits for Servants, said, “My wife Bernice and I fell in love with the attitude of service on your campus the minute we discovered our chauffeur was a vice president.”

 Jim and Bernice Tatum
                     Jim and Bernice Tatum

The Tatums had taken the tall, well-mannered young man to be a student working his way through school. However, the chauffeur, Benji Kelly, vice president for development, said it was all part of the servant leadership heart of his alma mater.

The couple, who live in Florida, visited Campbellsville University recently where he spoke about his journey of service at the weekly chapel services at the Louisville Center and on the main campus. His ministry is offering affordable business suits and ties from his Jacksonville, Fla. base to help those who are serving God. His work for the Lord dominates everything he does.

Tatum confesses openly that he’d never been in church nor had a Bible until Bernice and the offer of food swept him off his feet and into a revival meeting. He said from that first experience he was angry at the emptiness he felt inside and had a desperate need to fill it.

He said as his study, dedication and commitment to the Lord grew, so did his business. He said he felt God wanted him to help pastors with clothes because they didn’t make much money.

He shared every part of his experience from his calling through the hard years and to the rewarding times today. He said he was given nine months to live 25 years ago when he faced cancer that doctors told him had spread throughout his body. He told them he was ready to go and unafraid and went right on with his work for God as he felt called.

Campbellsville University president Michael Carter thanked Jim and Bernice Tatum as their visit came to a close. “We all need our batteries charged from time to time,” Carter said, “and when you are here it’s like having a supercharger.”

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