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Pastoral Ministries Major

Course Offerings

Pastoral Ministries Major for Bachelor of Arts Degree: 48 Hours

Add the 12-hour Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts, to the B.S. Degree:

Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts: 12 Hours
Select any two languages listed here:

Hebrew: 6 Hours

HEB 221 Beginning Hebrew I 3
HEB 222 Beginning Hebrew II 3

Greek: 6 Hours

GRK 221 Beginning Greek I 3
GRK 222 Beginning Greek II 3

Modern Language: 6 Hours

Pastoral Ministries Major for Bachelor of Science Degree: 36 Hours

Christian Studies Core Requirements: 18 Hours

While each program of study has its own focus, each student will build a foundation of Biblical, theological, historical, pastoral, educational, and practical aspects for Christian ministry. Students pursuing a theology area, major, or minor should take the General Education Prerequisites.

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible 3
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation 3
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship 3
CHS 432 Christian Theology 3
CHS 471 Church History 3
CHS Upper Level Old or New Testament Course 3

Pastoral Ministries Major Requirements: 36 Hours

Pastoral Ministries: 15
Take each course on this list:
CHS 356 Ministry of Christian Leadership 3
CHS 352 Pastoral Ministries 3
CHS 353 Ministry of Proclamation 3
CHS 355 Pastoral Care and Counseling 3

Choose one course from this list:
CHS 354 Introduction to Christian Evangelism 3
CHS 451 Growing a Healthy Church 3

Electives in Pastoral Ministries: 3 Hours
Choose one course from this list:
CHS Christian Studies Upper Division Course 3
CHS 350 Introduction to Sports Ministry 3
PSY 321 Lifespan Development 3
PSY 333 Group Dynamics 3
PSY 452 Psychology of Religious Experience 3
SOC 331 Marriage and Family 3
TH 336 Church Drama 3


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