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All new students to Campbellsville University interested in becoming a member of the drumline need to fill out the TMB application.

The Campbellsville University Drumline plays an important part of the success of the Tiger Marching Band. The TMB drumline is comprised of four sections. Depending on the number of students auditioning, the CU drumline typically carries 5-6 snares; 2-4 tenors; 5-6 bass drums and 2-4 cymbals. The TMB does not have a front ensemble.

Drumline Audition Music. Prepare as much of it as possible for the tryouts. You can audition on as many instruments as you would like. Please contact Dr. Chad Floyd for further details about the drumline auditions.

Auditions dates for the CU drumline can be found on the TMB application link above. If you are unable to attend on that date, please contact Dr. Chad Floyd to set up a different audition date. You do not have to be a music major to audition. If you are going to major or minor in music, it may be possible to schedule your drumline audition on the same days as your School of Music audition.

If you are interested to become a music major or minor, please register for a School of Music Audition to be accepted into the School of Music.

Color Guard

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All new students to Campbellsville University interested in becoming a member of the Color Guard need to fill out the TMB application.

The Campbellsville University Color Guard plays an important role in the visual presentation of the Tiger Marching Band. At least one year of color guard experience is valuable for membership in this organization. Students will need to attend Color Guard Auditions. If you are not able to attend that day but will be on campus on another occasion prior to that or shortly after, arrangements can be made for you to audition when you are here. Dates for auditions can be found on the TMB application. For more information or questions, please contact Corey Bonds.

Auditions require the following:

  • Arrive wearing appropriate work out attire that allows you to spin, maneuver and march.
  • Demonstrate flag fundamentals such as drop spins, double time spins, single tosses, double time toss, 45 toss and a horizontal toss. If you need clarification on any of these fundamentals contact Carrie Gaddis.
  • A one to two minute flag routine using “family friendly” music that demonstrates one’s dance and flag abilities. Routines are judged on technique, body control, overall performance and showmanship.
  • Candidates interested in demonstrating rifle or sabre skills should prepare similarly to the flag preparations on the weapons. Everyone must audition on flag. Rifle and sabre auditions are voluntary.
  • Candidates are asked to bring their own equipment however, if you have a need, contact us and we can make arrangements for you to use ours while you are here.


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    Applicants for position in Color Guard should: 1. Submit a completed application form to the marching band director, 2. Attend a color guard tryout or do an independent audition. Applicants for positions in the color guard are NOT required to be members of the concert band. However, those applicants who DO play an instrument are welcomed to participate.