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Helping students succeed in their educational pursuits.

English as a Second Language Institute

Meet people from around the world as you learn English in a supportive, caring environment.

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CIE offers a wide variety of exchanges and programs in 49 different countries for students.

Intensive English Learning Program

Developing skills in English, exposure to American culture and American academic content.

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Offering degrees for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate or certificates.

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Welcome to the Center for International Education

Campbellsville University’s Center for International Education (CIE) is the university-wide resource for information regarding academic exchanges, overseas opportunities, and international research for students, faculty, and staff. In accordance with our Christian mission, the CIE seeks to promote cross-cultural efforts within the campus community. We provide advice and council to CU faculty, staff, students and researchers traveling abroad and support to international university students and faculty coming to Campbellsville for academic or professional goals. CIE works hard to provide opportunities for students to grow mentally and spiritually in an exciting new environment.

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To help with the language barrier for incoming international college students, our English as a Second Language Institute (ESLI) strives to teach practical English to nonnative speakers. In this capacity, the ESLI aims primarily to equip students within Campbellsville’s undergraduate and graduate programs with the conversational skills needed to flourish in their chosen fields.

Apart from their regular studies, Campbellsville’s international student body can enjoy a vast range of planned activities. Cultural festivals, outdoor excursions to beautiful destinations like Mammoth Cave, and on-campus events give our visiting students a rich educational experience. Our open-minded program encourages students to share their cultural traditions within the community, as we look forward to sharing American culture with them. Living in a different country isn’t easy at first, so Campbellsville strives to create fun, educational, and affordable trips that help international college students with the adjustment process.

Campbellsville’s Center for International Education also offers a wide variety of exchanges and specialized programs for American students. Currently, we have close ties with individual schools in Ukraine, Belize, Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Spain. The CIE also offers study abroad programs in 49 different countries around the globe. Depending on the country, there are plenty of valuable opportunities for language study, internships, social work, and other degree-specific programs.


Choose the scenic rural main campus of Campbellsville University and take advantage of the many amenities of our residential campus including the internationally respected Campbellsville University School of Music.


Louisville, Kentucky, renown world-wide for the Kentucky Derby, is home to the growing Louisville Education Center of Campbellsville University offering our Professional MBA and other innovative programs.

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