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Campbellsville University sets record enrollment of over 5,000 students

March 30, 2017
For Immediate Release

By Joan C. McKinney, coordinating director, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. — Campbellsville University has the highest ever enrollment in the history of the institution at 5,035 students.

This enrollment is the third consecutive semester of record-breaking enrollment, reaching the university’s Vision 2025 enrollment goal of 5,000 students — eight years early.

Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville University, said, “The record-breaking enrollment is a milestone in the 111th year of CU’s existence. It includes a 47 percent increase in one year. We are pleased to be serving and producing Christian servant leaders throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the world.

“Campbellsville University is rapidly becoming the institution that was envisioned eight years ago when our Board of Trustees established Vision 2025. This growth reinforces our current half-way point strategic planning.”

Campbellsville University’s Dual Credit Program increased by 77 percent, with nearly 1,400 students, and the Louisville Education Center saw a 165 percent increase in degree-seeking students.

Dr. Donna Hedgepath, vice president for academic affairs, said, “We are excited about our record-breaking enrollment. Our faculty invest in the lives of our students, and we are honored to serve 5,035 students.”

Campbellsville University’s undergraduate programs experienced an increase of 27 percent, while the graduate program saw a 135 percent increase.

CU’s student population represents 113 Kentucky counties, 43 states and 51 countries.

Dr. Shane Garrison, vice president for enrollment services, said, “Enrollment is a team effort.  From our regional center staff, to our online team, those working with international and dual credit students, to those behind the scenes managing applications and transcripts, there is no doubt every one is working very hard to move our university forward.

“We could not be more proud and thankful for each one of them.”

Garrison said the three consecutive semesters of record-breaking enrollment has “proven that God has a great plan and future in store for Campbellsville University.”

Campbellsville University has expanded her global footprint with educational centers in Louisville, Harrodsburg, Somerset and Hodgenville with instructional sites in Summersville and Owensboro.

Carter said a record-breaking enrollment in spring is unusual as fall semesters usually experience the highest enrollment of an academic year.

“We are investing in new academic and athletics programs and buildings, as well as an increase in Church Outreach, in order to give our students the best education experience possible,” he said.

Campbellsville University has seen tremendous growth since the beginning of 2016, having the highest spring and summer semester enrollments in the history of the university until the spring 2017 enrollment.

Carter said the university faculty, staff and coaches are committed to the Vision 2025 document that guides the administration. Vision 2025 is a plan adopted by CU in 2009 that emphasizes a commitment in mastery of academic discipline and the teaching and learning process.

For more information on enrollment at Campbellsville University, contact (270) 789-5220 or

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with more than 5,000 students offering over 80 programs of study including 19 master’s degrees, six postgraduate areas and seven pre-professional programs. The university has off-campus centers in Louisville, Harrodsburg, Somerset and Hodgenville with instructional sites in Elizabethtown, Owensboro and Summersville and a full complement of online programs. The website for complete information is