Mental Health Therapist I (Bilingual), Catholic Charities, Cincinnati OH

Position Title      Mental Health Therapist I (Bilingual)  full-time
Company Name   Catholic Charities
Location of Job    Cincinnati
Company Address 7162 Reading Road, Suite 600,   Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Contact Email Address
Please include Contact Email in Job Posting  Yes
Contact Phone Number (513) 672-3713
Position Description
  Position Summary:
The mental health therapist will provide culturally competent mental health services to
individuals and families who are experiencing varying levels of difficulties due to life situations or mental health concerns. Although the primary focus will be on serving Latino populations, service provision to non-Latinos may be required.
Essential Job Functions:
• Provide high quality, compassionate and ethical outpatient mental health therapy to clients as scheduled.
• Complete clinical documentation within expected timeframes.
• Maintain required billable hours. Work a minimum of one evening per week. Work hours must be maintained in a way that is responsive to client needs at each location.
• Actively participate as a positive member of the agency environment.
• Maintain good standing with the appropriate board and insurance entities.
• Complete all recommended continuing education requirements and Relias Trainings.
• Stay current with updated research and best practices.
• Be aware of community referral sources and refer when necessary.
• Secure client information per HIPAA standards.
• Maintain case files within electronic health record (EHR) that are up to date and within expected guidelines.
• Participate in individual and/or group supervision as required.
• Participate in staff meetings as required.
• Abide by the agency’s policies and procedures.
• Uphold the agency’s mission statement.
• Perform other duties as assigned (including but not limited to completion of Social Security/Disability forms, authorization and billing forms, phone calls, and participating in case consultation meetings).
• Service provision may require presence at more than one location.
Qualifications and Skills Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in counseling or social work, Master’s degree preferred
• Fluency with oral and written English
• Proficient in utilization of computer-based medical records
• Non-independent license in counseling or social work
Job Type: Full-time
Contact Name:  Cheryl Sears
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