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International Student Success

Moving to a new culture is both fun and challenging. It’s important to prepare for some of the cultural differences you will experience while you are here and to learn how to succeed in an U.S. university.

Prepare for Culture Shock

Most international students experience culture shock. Take a look to learn what it is and how you can work through it.

Culture Shock

Academic Success in the American Classroom

Going away to university is always a time of change. Yet students who are used to studying in other cultures may also need to learn about the U.S. education system. This presentation will help you prepare for your classes at CU.

Academic Success

What is General Education?

When it is time to enroll in your classes, you may be scheduled for some classes that don’t seem to belong in your chosen major. This short presentation will explain what General Education courses are and it will help you understand why you have to study history when you are planning to be a doctor.

General Education

10 Quick Tips for Success

When you are an international student, you are introduced to many new experiences. Watch this short video and think about some of the other new experiences you may have while you are here.

Stay Safe

Keeping campus safe is everyone’s responsibility. Take a look at this presentation for information about what CU is doing to keep you safe and how you can help.

Stay Safe

Scam Warning

International students are often targets for scammers. Take a couple of minutes to review this information.
Scam Infographic