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Senior Seminar

Each graduating Art Art Area, Art Major and BFA student is required to have a solo exhibition in the Pence-Chowning Art Gallery as part of the Art 410: Senior Exhibit and Seminar course. The Pence-Chowning Art Galley consists of two open gallery spaces and a side gallery space with built-in railing for hanging 2-D artwork with several pedestal and display shelving for 3-D artwork. Monitors, media players and projectors are also available for any tech-related needs.

Students prepare their artwork by making visual choices for frames, matting and display considerations for 3D artworks based on the gallery spaces and overall aesthetic or theme of the exhibition. Students learn to hang artwork properly in the gallery, and curate their exhibition by negotiating how artworks are juxtaposed with other artwork on a wall or space, from gallery to gallery and how objects are strategically placed to create emphasis on focal walls.

Additionally, students learn how to create inventory sheets, pricing sheets, resumes, business cards, and invitations to coincide with the aesthetic or theme of the exhibition. An elevator speech, artist statement and biography are also required for the course as a way to navigate how to talk about the artwork, how to discuss the concepts of completed artwork and overall style of the student to others in a networking and reception settings.

The course is designed to be experiential in learning to prepare students for post-graduation.