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Patrons for the Visual Arts

What is the Patrons of the Visual Arts?

Our vision is to see people who have interest in Visual Arts find a place for their creative spirit thrive. God is uppermost in this endeavor and our aim is to stay in His will throughout this new building program.

We will be building more space and adding instructors to help prepare our students not only to become teachers, but compete with the best in the business world.

Artists, photographers and graphic artists from across the United States will be on campus for exhibits and short workshops to help acquaint students with the business side, as well as the creativity of art and photography.

Workshops for children in the summer and evening classes for our senior citizens will be high on our agenda. We want all our citizens in Campbellsville and neighboring counties to enjoy and proud of our camps.


  • Send our students into their new lives with the ability to compete in the business and education world in all facets of art
  • Provide space, instruction, and nurturing for all ages here on our campus with appropriate workshops to instruct students of all ages
  • To see new buildings bring needed space for our students
  • Bring guest artists for exhibits and workshops
  • Add badly needed supplies
  • Offer more scholarships to worthy students

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