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Mathematics (8-12) Program

The Mathematics 8-12 Program is a traditional certification program for undergraduate candidates who want to teach math for students in grades 8-12.

Rejoinder Mathematics Grades 8-12

Mathematics (8-12) Program Submission Template

Mathematics (8-12) Program Submission Spreadsheet

CAP 1 Application

CAP 2 Application

CAP 3 Application

CAP 4 Application

Mathematics (8-12) BS Curriculum Guide

ED 300 Human Development & Learning Theory Syllabus

ED 310 Instructional Technology Syllabus

ED 325 Diverse Learners Syllabus

ED 359 Content Literacy Syllabus

ED 359 Content Literacy Plan 5-12, 8-12 and P-12

MTH 450 Methods and Materials of Teaching Mathematics Syllabus

Evidence 1.1.1 Field Experience Matrix

Evidence 1.1.5 Summative Evaluation of Student Teaching Assessment

Evidence 1.1.6 CAP 4 Portfolio Assessment

Evidence 1.2.2 Lesson Plan Reflection and Rubric

Evidence 1.2.3 Unit Document and Rubric

Evidence 2.1.1 Collaboration Agreements and Satisfaction Surveys

Evidence 2.1.2 Memorandum of Agreement

Evidence 2.1.3 Clinical Teacher Agreement

Evidence A2.1.3 Collaborative Emails

Evidence 2.1.4 TEAC Meeting Minutes and Communication

Evidence 2.1.5 TEC Meeting Minutes and Communication

Evidence 2.1.6 Video Evidence Scored by P-12 Partners and University Faculty

Evidence 2.1.7 Exit Surveys, Portfolio and Interview Feedback from P-12 Partners

Evidence 2.2.1 Clinical Experience Placement Process

Evidence 2.2.2 Cooperating Teacher Survey

Evidence 2.2.3 Candidate Survey

Evidence 2.2.4 Undergraduate Meeting Minutes

Evidence 2.2.5 Online Resources for Clinical Educators

Evidence 2.2.6 Online Training for Clinical Educators

Evidence 2.3.1 Candidate Sample of Field Experience Requirements

Evidence 2.3.2 Sample Syllabus

Evidence 5.2.1 EPP Strategic Plan 2016-2021 2017-2022 2018-2023