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Steps to Studying Abroad

Step By Step

    1. Become eligible to study abroad – Eligibility and Requirements
    2. Discuss your interests with your Academic Advisor.
      • Make sure to include study abroad in your curriculum plan;
    3. Do your research based on your interests.
      • Use our program search tools to decide among these studies abroad categories:
        • Exchange Programs
        • Summer Abroad
        • Fall/Spring Semester Abroad
        • Graduate opportunities
      • Join us at an Education Abroad Fair and connect with several study abroad program providers;
      • Ask a question via email or make an appointment at
      • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    4. Apply!
      • Apply with the Center of education abroad for permission to study abroad;
      • Choose and apply to your program provider for admission (and their scholarships).

Deadlines for completing Study Abroad Financial documents:

      • Studying abroad in Fall: May 1*
      • Studying abroad in Winter: October 1*
      • Studying abroad in Spring: November 1*
      • Studying abroad in Summer: April 1*

*Students who submit the above financial paperwork after the deadline may experience significant delays in receiving financial aid or scholarships.

If your study abroad program provider has earlier deadlines for paperwork submission, please allow adequate time for CU education abroad offices to process your materials — a minimum of two weeks is recommended. Every program has unique deadlines and it is the student’s responsibility to keep up with all deadlines and paperwork.

  1. Take advantage of all the financial aid opportunities.
    • Explore external scholarships that you may be eligible for;
    • Apply for scholarships through your program provider;
    • Apply for loans through Campbellsville’s Financial Aid Office.
      • Outside funding that you brought to Campbellsville may be available to be utilized for study abroad.
    • Apply for grants that will allow you to engage in travel that is not included in your program:


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or call 270-789-5040, , or drop by Carter Hall 203.