Campbellsville University holds two commencement ceremonies annually; two in fall (December) and four in the spring (May) – two for Graduate candidates and two for Undergraduate candidates.

All students who finish their coursework in the summer receive an August graduation date.  Since there is not an August graduation ceremony, all August graduates are invited to participate in the May ceremony.  All graduation ceremonies (undergraduate and graduate) are for May and August graduates.

Campbellsville University graduates students upon completion of all requirements on or before the next of the following three general dates: December, May, August. Specific dates are listed on the University’s official calendar.

Students must apply to graduate as a means of indicating a target completion date and generating an official degree audit progress profile (GAPP).

General Information

Dates and Times

There are two ceremonies for our December 2017 graduating students on Friday, Dec. 15 in Ransdell Chapel.

All graduates need to report to Davenport Student Commons 45 minutes before the ceremony to receive their name card.

The first ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. for all of our students graduating with Associate degrees (AS and ADN), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (BM), Bachelor of Science (BS), and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA).

The second ceremony is at 4:00 p.m. for all of our students graduating with Bachelor of Nursing (BSN), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and all of our Master degree students.

Why Apply?

If you’ve asked that question, you are not alone. Each year students are surprised to learn that they must notify the University of their plans to graduate.

The short answer is this: We do not know your plans from one term to the next. You may intend to go four years (or eight semesters) straight and be done. However, many students take longer than eight semesters to complete their undergraduate degrees. Work, family, and money are just a few reasons why a student may have to go part-time for a semester or two, thus pushing back the graduation date.

Bottom line: We will not know when you plan to finish your degree until you tell us.

Applying to graduate sets in motion processes designed to ensure that you meet all the graduation requirements. Specifically, it will generate for you an initial degree audit. Your completed course work will be compared to the course work required for your degree and program of study. You and your advisor will use the audit to guide your course selection for upcoming terms in order to complete your program at the earliest possible date.


There is no penalty for rescheduling your graduation, but you may need to reapply if your new intended graduation date is in a different academic year. (Academic years run August 1 – July 31.)

How to Apply

Submit an application as follows:

  • For Associate’s degree candidates, submit the Undergraduate Graduation Application after you earn 30 credit hours.
  • For Bachelor’s degree candidates, submit the Undergraduate Gradation Application after you earn 70 credit hours.
  • For Master’s degree candidates, submit the Graduate Graduation Application after you earn 15 credit hours.

To apply for graduation:  Please log into TigerNet with your User Name and PIN.  Click on the “Academics” tab in the middle of the screen. Then on the left side, please click on “Graduation Application”.  This will direct you on submitting an application for graduation online.  You will receive a confirmation when you have successfully submitted the application.

Upon receipt of your application, we will prepare a Graduation Audit Progress Profile (GAPP). It will list all the components (aims) of your degree and, in detailed fashion, show what you’ve completed, what you need, and what is in progress. You and your advisor will review the GAPP and report any issues that need attention.

Tip: Complete any course substitutions prior to applying to graduate so that they will be reflected on your GAPP.

General Graduation Requirements
Course Substitution form


Commencement Schedule of Events

There are two ceremonies for our December 2017 graduating students on Friday, Dec. 15 in Ransdell Chapel.

The first ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. for all of our students graduating with Associate degrees (AS and ADN), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (BM), Bachelor of Science (BS), and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA).

The second ceremony is at 4:00 p.m. for all of our students graduating with Bachelor of Nursing (BSN), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and all of our Master degree students.

Ceremonies and Activities


The fall commencement is for both undergraduate and graduate degree candidates.  Students will be notified in the weeks prior to the ceremony date regarding where and when to report for the processional.

The spring commencement ceremonies are split with the graduate candidates graduating on Friday night and the undergraduate candidates graduating on Saturday morning.

Graduate Walk
Each commencement ceremony is immediately preceded by this traditional march to the venue where the service is to be held.  The University president and distinguished guests lead faculty and candidates on a short walk symbolizing a final pass across the campus.  It is an impressive sight when the robes make their way to the venue for the ceremony.

Graduate Dinner
Each fall and spring, candidates and their families are guests at a meal in Winter’s Dining Hall.

These events are sponsored by the Campbellsville University Alumni Association.

Additional Information

In early October and mid March, graduating students will receive, by mail, detailed information about specific dates and times for the various events associated with commencement. Information is also included about other issues related to graduation, degree completion, diplomas and transcripts.

Watch the Graduation page on TigerNET for the most up-to-date information.

Order Announcements here:

Please turn cell phones and personal devices to silent during commencement.


None for December commencement.

Graduate Meal

The Office of Alumni Relations will sponsor a graduation lunch from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. in the Winters Dining Hall.  They will be mailing out information to graduates soon!

Graduate Walk
Graduate Walk: Bearing the Light of a Calling Found

All graduates need to report to Davenport Student Commons 45 minutes before the ceremony to receive their name card.


In 2001 graduates placed a stone marker in front of Montgomery Library and, along with President Carter, initiated the Graduate Walk. Students touched the stone as they passed, signifying the lasting impact that Campbellsville University had made on their lives.

Graduates are invited to join Dr. Carter and other faculty members to participate in this memorable event.

Dressing for Commencement

To participate in the ceremony, you must wear the required cap and gown as received from the CU Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  No flags or ceremonial dress will be permitted.  Also, as a reminder, only the graduating student is allowed to cross the stage to receive the diploma.  No additional family members or friends will be allowed to walk across the stage. Violation of these procedures will result in the student not participating in the ceremony.  If you have any questions regarding graduation policy and procedures, please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

When dressing for commencement, “business” or “business casual” are the order of the day. While men may opt for a suit/sport coat, it is optional, depending on how comfortable you will be in your gown.

TIP: Don’t wait until Friday to unwrap your gown or you’ll look like you slept in it! Instead, open it as soon as you get it to let some of the wrinkles fall out. Iron or steam it for a neat look. Local dry cleaners can do this for you, too.

Academic Regalia

Caps, gowns, and tassels will be available AFTER Nov 1. at our CU Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  We will send all graduates an email when they are ready.

The bookstore will order quantities of caps and gowns in all sizes.  Cost for the graduation regalia is included in the $100 graduation fee charged to each candidate.  Masters candidates will need to pick up the appropriate hood as well from the bookstore.

CU Barnes & Noble Bookstore business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  We will let you know when caps and gowns can be picked up.  The bookstore can also mail your cap and gown to you!  The $100 graduation fee is charged to all graduating students, whether they participate in the ceremony or not.  Even if you can’t attend the ceremony, please still get your cap, gown, and tassel from the bookstore

Students who wish to order graduation announcements and other accessories may pick up a packet of materials provided by Herff Jones or look to other vendors or even print their own. Class ring information is included in the material. Packets are available in the Bookstore.

Degrees, Diplomas, Transcripts

The Office of Student Records is required to verify that all degree requirements are met before posting degrees and issuing diplomas. This means your diploma will not be in your folder at commencement.

Degree verification is a lengthy process. If all requirements are met, you should receive your diploma in about eight weeks.

When you need an official transcript, you must submit a written request. An order form is available.You can do so in person, or fax it to (270) 789.5362, or mail it to: UPO 789, Campbellsville, KY, 42718. The request must include your printed name, signature, address, and Social Security number. Indicate where you want the transcript sent. Official transcripts are $6.00. You may send payment to the address above or pay by phone with a credit card by calling (270) 789.5233.

Transcript requests can take up to seven days to fulfill, so plan ahead. Also note that CU does not fax transcripts.

Graduation Checklist

Here is a copy of the Graduation Checklist provided to students on TigerNET. It contains both academic and non-academic steps that students need to do before graduation.

Students who plan to complete requirements for graduation in May, August, and December must file an Application for Graduation with the Office of Student Records in order to generate a Graduation Application Progress Profile (GAPP). The application can be found on the forms page.

Submission of the Graduation Application generates a $100.00 graduation fee charged to the student’s account during the term of graduation.

  • Meet degree requirements as listed in the University catalog – graduate with at least the minimum number of credit hours required by your program of study and have a 2.0 overall GPA.
  • Students who have taken courses at other institutions should confirm with Student Records that official transcripts have been received.
  • Pick up caps, gowns, robes, tassels, etc. no later than the week of April 26 for Spring Commencement from the CU/Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Masters candidates will need to secure the appropriate hood as well.
  • Take any and all exams required by your college or school. (PRAXIS for students in Teacher Education.)
  • Pay all student accounts including parking and library fines and the graduation fee.
  • Return all library materials.
  • Reserve any special services for disabled graduates or guests by calling Jennifer Lauer at 270.789.5150.
  • Complete exit interviews with Business Services and/or Financial Aid if any type of federal grants or loans were received.

Candidates are encouraged to review the requirements for graduation found in the Bulletin-Catalog.

This checklist is general in nature and is intended to serve as a guide for students. A formal and official list of remaining requirements is provided in the Graduation Application Progress Profile (GAPP) that each student receives upon submission of the graduation application.




Each graduate will be photographed with the President while on stage. Students will receive an email from the Office of Communications containing their photo to print on their own 3-4 weeks after the ceremony.

Guests are permitted to move to the front of the chapel to take photographs during the ceremony. They should not interfere with University photographers and be mindful of others as they do.

Video Sales

A compilation video featuring highlights of the Spring or Fall Commencement ceremonies will be available for ordering before and after the ceremonies for $25. Graduates and guests may order the DVD in the foyer of Ransdell Chapel on Friday night or in the foyer of Powell Gymnasium on Saturday morning.

If you have a questions regarding the DVD orders or would like to order one after the ceremony, please contact Broadcast Services at 270-789-5210.

Exit Strategy

Things to know and do as you prepare to leave the University.

EXIT EXAMS – Students in Teacher Education must take specific PRAXIS exams as prescribed for the area of study. Education advisors have more information.

EXIT INTERVIEWS (for LOANS) – Stafford Loan recipients can complete the exit interview at Perkins Loan recipients should contact Business Services to schedule the exit interview.

UNIVERSITY HOUSING – Be sure to take all of your belongings with you. Items left cannot be stored. If you paid a deposit, check with your residence director to arrange for a refund, if you qualify.

CONTACT DATA – Visit TigerNet to update your permanent home address, email, and phone number so you can be reached. Login and look for My Personal Information under “MY PROFILE.”