Rosemary Flores McCorvey in academic regalia

Attire, Regalia and More

Attire for Commencement

To participate in the ceremony, you must wear the required cap and gown as received from the CU Barnes and Noble Bookstore (details below). No flags or ceremonial dress will be permitted. Also, as a reminder, only the graduating student is allowed to cross the stage to receive the diploma. No additional family members or friends will be allowed to walk across the stage. Violation of these procedures will result in the student not participating in the ceremony. If you have any questions regarding graduation policy and procedures, please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

When dressing for commencement, “business” or “business casual” are the order of the day. While men may opt for a suit/sport coat, it is optional, depending on how comfortable you will be in your gown.

TIP: Don’t wait until Friday to unwrap your gown or you’ll look like you slept in it! Instead, open it as soon as you get it to let some of the wrinkles fall out. Iron or steam it for a neat look. Local dry cleaners can do this for you, too.

Academic Regalia

Caps, gowns, and tassels will be available about a month before commencement at our CU Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We will send all graduates an email when they are ready.

The bookstore will order quantities of caps and gowns in all sizes. Cost for the graduation regalia is included in the $100 graduation fee charged to each candidate. Masters candidates will need to pick up the appropriate hood as well from the bookstore.

Business hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We will let you know when caps and gowns can be picked up. The bookstore can also mail your cap and gown to you!

The $100 graduation fee is charged to all graduating students, whether they participate in the ceremony or not. Even if you can’t attend the ceremony, please still get your cap, gown, and tassel from the bookstore

Students who wish to order graduation announcements and other accessories may pick up a packet of materials provided by Herff Jones or look to other vendors or even print their own. Class ring information is included in the material. Packets are available in the Bookstore.

Degrees, Diplomas,Transcripts

The Office of Student Records is required to verify that all degree requirements are met before posting degrees and issuing diplomas. This means your diploma will not be in your folder at commencement.

Degree verification is a lengthy process. If all requirements are met, you should receive your diploma in about eight weeks.

To order a transcript please click here.

Transcript requests can take up to seven days to fulfill, so plan ahead. Also note that CU does not fax transcripts.