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Apply to Graduate 1

Apply to Graduate

Why Apply?

If you’ve asked that question, you are not alone. Each year students are surprised to learn that they must notify the University of their plans to graduate.

The short answer is this: We do not know your plans from one term to the next. You may intend to go four years (or eight semesters) straight and be done. However, many students take longer than eight semesters to complete their undergraduate degrees. Work, family, and money are just a few reasons why a student may have to go part-time for a semester or two, thus pushing back the graduation date.

Bottom line: We will not know when you plan to finish your degree until you tell us.

Applying to graduate sets in motion processes designed to ensure that you meet all the graduation requirements. Specifically, it will generate for you an initial degree audit. Your completed course work will be compared to the course work required for your degree and program of study. You and your advisor will use the audit to guide your course selection for upcoming terms in order to complete your program at the earliest possible date.

How to Apply

Submit an application as follows:

For Associate’s degree candidates, submit the Undergraduate Graduation Application after you earn 30 credit hours.

For Bachelor’s degree candidates, submit the Undergraduate Gradation Application after you earn 70 credit hours.

For Master’s degree candidates, submit the Graduate Graduation Application after you earn 15 credit hours.

Please log into TigerNet with your User Name and PIN. Click on the “Academic Affairs” tab.  Then on the left side, please click on “Graduation Application”. This will direct you on submitting an application for graduation online. You will receive a confirmation when you have successfully submitted the application.

Upon receipt of your application, we will prepare a Graduation Audit Progress Profile (GAPP). It will list all the components (aims) of your degree and, in detailed fashion, show what you’ve completed, what you need, and what is in progress. You and your advisor will review the GAPP and report any issues that need attention.

Tip: Complete any course substitutions prior to applying to graduate so that they will be reflected on your GAPP.