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Kentucky Driver’s License Instructions

Many international students choose to get a Kentucky driver’s license. CGE will help you with this process and provide transportation for students to process their paperwork and take the written test at the nearest regional office in Columbia.

Get Prepared

Watch this step-by-step video to make sure you have all required paperwork prepared before you go to the regional office in Columbia.

You can get more information about the Driver’s License process at this website


Copies of the required paperwork are available at the CGE office or you can print them here:

Driver’s License Packet

Please come into the office to ask questions.

Students with an international driver’s license should come to CGE with someone who can translate their license into English. You will need to fill out an Interpreter Affidavit of a Foreign Country Driver’s License. This will allow you to get a Kentucky License, otherwise, you will be given a driver’s permit. You must have your license with you and this form must be filled out at CGE since it must be notarized.

Appointments and Transportation

CGE offers driver’s license assistance at the beginning of each semester. We will also offer 1 additional trip each month. Students must sign-up in advance to participate.

Please watch this video for help making your appointment at the driver’s license regional office in Columbia.

Driver’s licenses are available for international students who are 18 or older. Students under the age of 18 should not plan to get a Kentucky Driver’s License.