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Resource Library

It is common to have general questions when you are an international student or are working with international students. We want to help you get your questions answered as quickly and easily as possible. Please take some time to look through these resources and come back as often as you like. We will periodically be updating this list with more information for students, faculty, staff, and parents.

These resources are available to help you get information quickly and get general information. If you have specific needs or questions, please continue to ask CGE for assistance. We are always happy to help and to make sure that you get the most accurate information.

Life in Kentucky

Welcome to Kentucky

Check out the official site for Kentucky tourism, provided by the Kentucky Department of Tourism. See what makes each region of Kentucky special and get excited about experiencing all that Kentucky has to offer.

Visit the official Kentucky government website for information about living in the state and government news.

City of Campbellsville

This is the official website for the city of Campbellsville. Visit this site for local information.

Immigration Help

Study in the States

This website from the Department of Homeland Security is an important information source. Use this site as a resource to answer quick immigration questions.

Please continue to ask CGE’s international student advisor for assistance with personal immigration needs.

Student Resources

Kentucky Driver’s Manual

If you get a driver’s license in the state of Kentucky, you will need to take both a written test and a driving test. Before you go, read this manual so that you will be aware of Kentucky driving laws and practices.

Kentucky Driver’s License Information for Non-U.S. Citizens

This page provides general information for applying for a Kentucky driver’s license as an international student. For more specific information and instructions, please visit CGE or take a look at our driver’s license information online. (Link to

Sprintax Blog

CGE provides access to Sprintax tax preparation services for all currently enrolled international students each year. Sprintax also provides other tax information for nonresident taxes throughout the year on their blog. Take a look for information about tax requirements, forms, and tips. Information is provided in a variety of languages.

Understanding Campus Map and Building Abbreviations

Use the map to explore campus. The list of buildings below the map will help you find the building you need. The abbreviation is to the right of each building name in brackets.