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Welcome to Career Services

Career Services provides assistance for students in choosing a major, career planning, and preparing for employment during the educational process.  Don't wait until your senior year to think about your career!  Career Services director's office is located in the Badgett Academic Support Center, (BASC Rooms 206)  or Ashley Abner, Assistant to Career & Disability Service in BASC 208.

Career Services can help you:

  • Determine your skills, values, and interests
  • Explore career options
  • Investigate internships
  • Prepare for Job Fairs  (held on and off campus)

On our website, find more info for:

1) Job Site Reviews NEW *an online resource for job seekers.

2) Gateway to Careers:

Career search, self-assessments, and help with creating goals! 


 Job Search ebook that can be downloaded for free to students, staff and alumni at:    additional job search resources are available on WorkAlpha, including resume samples and cover letter samples

Career Mentors including CU Alumni are also available/interested in assisting you in  your career objectives go to...Career Mentors-Alumni for listing and contact info.

 GOTTA offers the advice, roadmap, and relationships you need to achieve your career goals.

 Students - Check Out These Career Videos:

 Find more job search Links on our RESOURCES page

Career Services Staff

Teresa Elmore - Director of Career Services

Ashley Abner - Assistant for Career & Disability Services

1 University Drive, UPO 917
Campbellsville, KY 42718-2799
(270) 789-5192
Fax: (270) 789-5186