Tiger Take-Off





CGE Vision, Mission, and Values


To provide Campbellsville University (CU) students with opportunities to experience global cultures, to contribute to the personal and intercultural growth of CU’s diverse population, and to send equipped global stewards into the world.


To serve Campbellsville University’s (CU) global needs by:

  • honoring the CU Christian mission
  • meeting international student needs
  • providing opportunities for international students to form communities and find belonging
  • facilitating the development of international student support systems across campus and in the local community
  • fostering CU students’ personal and intercultural growth
  • and providing opportunities for students to engage in cultural exchange and build intercultural competency


  • To meet student needs and provide student services in a caring and Christ-centered environment.
  • To provide opportunities for intercultural connection, relationship building, and belonging.
  • To foster student growth and global servant leadership.
  • To elevate diverse voices and empower student contributions to student life at CU.
  • To equip students with the skills, attitudes, and understanding needed to succeed in intercultural* environments locally, nationally, and globally.



Intercultural– “describes communities in which there is a deep understanding and respect for all cultures…. In an intercultural society, no one is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grows together.” (Schriefer, P. (2020, March 11). What’s the difference between Multicultural, Intercultural, and cross-cultural communication? Spring Institute. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from https://springinstitute.org/whats-difference-multicultural-intercultural-cross-cultural-communication/)

Diverse– “Persons or groups who differ in their experiences, their views, and their traits.” (adapted from Tienda, M. (2013). Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Promoting Integration in Higher Education. Educational Researcher, 42(9), 467–475. https://doi.org/10.3102/0013189X13516164)

Global Stewards– global citizens who “use their skills and education to contribute to the [global] community” (United Nations. (n.d.). Global citizenship. United Nations. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from https://www.un.org/en/academic-impact/global-citizenship) in sustainable and ethical ways, while working alongside diverse and representative local communities.

Intercultural Competency– A lifelong practice of developing the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to “communicate and act more effectively and appropriately across all types of cultural differences” (Harvey, T. (2020, August 18). Intercultural terms & what matters more. Helping You Foster Intercultural Competence in Higher Education. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from (https://www.truenorthintercultural.com/blog/interculturalterms)