Theater Minor

The study of theater practices.

Department Objectives

The Theater Department provides instruction in both the theory and practice of theater performance and production. The department’s Minor allows for study of theater practices overall, while the Theater Majors allow the student a more focused path of study in either Performance or Production.

The department seeks to enable students to succeed in both academic and vocational pursuits by working towards the following objectives:

  • To enable students to succeed in academic and vocational pursuits;
  • To prepare students for a lifelong service to God and to the world through the perspective of theater arts;
  • To be a foundation in learning aspects of theater arts, and to help students structure their talents for a career in theater;
  • To provide a quality learning environment in which students can learn about and engage in the theater arts.
Theater Minor Courses

22 semester hours of Theater Core courses

Take each course on this list:
  • TH 200 Stagecraft – 3
  • TH 242 Theater History I – 3
  • TH 253 Fundamentals of Acting – 3
  • TH 334 Directing – 3
  • TH 342 Theater History II – 3
  • TH ____ Performance/Production Lab – 4

Take the lab four times, using a different course number each time. Contact your academic advisor for guidance. Courses bearing this title are numbered 109, 111, 209, 211, 309, 311, 409 and 411 and are ONE hour each.

Choose one course from this list:
  • TH 375 Contemporary Drama – 3
  • TH 491 Shakespeare – 3


All Theater majors and minors must take TH 131 and MAC 120 or MAC 140 as part of their General Education requirements.