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Homeland Security Minor

Homeland Security has become a critical part of many organizations, employers and college course offerings.  The homeland security minor will provide the student with the basic subject knowledge for a possible career in the following disciplines: security of government facilities, private sector security, state and local police officers, federal law enforcement agents, Intelligence Community intelligence analysts, state and local government positions, public health and public safety administrators, counterterrorism professionals, and community leaders.


The student who graduates with a minor in homeland security will be able to:

  • Analyze the history of homeland security and evolving concepts in the field in relation to domestic and international security.
  • Describe homeland security policies, operational theories, functions, and issues from both the domestic and international perspectives.
  • Differentiate the various threats to domestic and international security.
  • Demonstrate the critical thinking and program management skills necessary to provide leadership and support in homeland security.
  • Describe and analyze issues related to cooperation among the international community, state governments, Intelligence Community, local jurisdictions, and private industry.
  • Lay the groundwork for the basic skills in understanding intelligence operations, infrastructure protection, responses to terrorism and terrorist incidents, and the development of homeland security.
Homeland Security Minor Degree Requirements

A degree with a minor in homeland security requires the successful completion of 24 credit hours of coursework. At least 12 credit hours must be earned in upper level courses (numbered 300 or above).

Total Completion Hours: 24

Core Requirements – 12 hours

  • CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice System 3 hrs.
  • HLS 200 Fundamentals of Homeland Security 3 hrs.
  • HLS 300 Government and Homeland Security 3 hrs.
  • POL 405 Terrorism Studies 3 hrs. Prerequisite: American Government

Electives 12 hours

  • HLS 350 Critical Infrastructure Protection 3 hrs.
  • POL 352 International Relations 3 hrs. Prerequisite: American Government
  • HLS 480 Selected Topics 3 hrs.
  • CJ 450 Victimology 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Intro. to the Criminal Justice System
  • HLS 400 Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis 3 hrs.
  • CHS 234 World Religions 3 hrs.
  • HLS 485 Internship/Independent Study

General Education Requirements Must Include:

  • POL 110 American Government
  • CJ 101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

See the undergraduate catalog link under Program Resources for core and emphasis requirements, general education requirements, electives and course descriptions.


Professor Max Wise is the lead professor for the Homeland Security minor.  Before teaching at Campbellsville University, Professor Wise was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he worked in the intelligence and counterterrorism arena.  Professor Wise worked at FBI Headquarters, FBI Lexington (KY) Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI Louisville Field Intelligence Group, and was the FBI’s representative at the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security’s Intelligence Fusion Center.  His expertise is in Al-Qaeda and domestic extremists.